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As a new report by McAfee Labs claims that hackers are selling access to Netflix accounts for as little as a dollar a time, it’s fair to say that we have reached peak hack. What if you are a Netflix subscriber and want to see whether or not your account has been compromised? Before you check whether you have been hacked, the best thing to do is head into your Netflix settings and click the Sign out of all devices button. All of this is a good start, but the single best thing you can do here is to change your password to something longer and secure.
The plan only allows a certain amount of screens to be used at once for example my plan only allows two screens so if more people try to use it I might get kicked off.It has happened me before when I would allow a friend to use it.

So the fact your netflix account could have been compromised and the hackers could be logged into your account doesnt bother you? McAfee Labs is reporting about a hack where hackers are selling access to compromised Netflix accounts for as little as a dollar a time. Couple that with the fact that those hackers claim to be able to offer lifetime access to those accounts, and things start to get even more concerning. That does exactly what it says it does, and will mean that you will need to sign back into Netflix on every device you own. Some people have profiles for themselves and their kids, but any others that you don’t recognize should immediately start the alarm bells ringing.

Well, could you pm me your netflix details then please, no point me paying for it if your quite happy to let others use yours.
That would be a good pointer that someone else has access to your account, so you did good signing them out and changing your password!

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