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The most expensive passport in the world can be found in Turkey and it costs $251, followed by Australia and Switzerland.
In fact, the Turkish passport costs $251 but expires in 10 years, while a 10-year validity passport in Australia costs $254 (not $206 as mentioned). The funny part is that our passport is among the 10 worst passports in the world as it only allows you to travel to 37 countries without a visa, and the list is shrinking by the year. Canadian passports cost 120 CAD for 5 years and 160 CAD for 10 years (Thats about 120 USD in Feb 2015).
I actually double checked several passports on the list before posting this and the costs were almost the same for all of them. Here you will find an explanation of the necessary documents to purchase a vehicle in Spain.
You will need a copy of your NIE number (tax identification number in spain) in date and also a copy of your passport in date.

Please note that all new NIE numbers have in the bottom right hand corner a 3 month expiry date from day of issue of the nie number, if this is your case and 3 months have past then you will have to get an up to date print off of your NIE number to be able to finalize the transfer of the ownership.
However if you look up the expiry date of each passport, you will find that the Lebanese Passport costs more than the Turkish and could be the most expensive worldwide. On the other hand, a Lebanese passport costs $200 over 5 years and you have to add $20 in fees and papers, so technically it’s more expensive than all those on the list.
The lowest minimum wage in any Canadian province is a little over 10 dollars, so even at 133 dollars, it couldn’t take 15 hours of minimum wage work to buy one. The idea was just to show where the Lebanese passport stands as it’s really expensive.
With 14 years experience, we have a large range of quality cars, guaranteed to suit your needs.
Green links show VALID documents, red links INVALID documents and orange links VALID documents with expiry dates.

And again if your address on your NIE number is not correct we will need a empadronamiento or copy of your deeds. I brought my first second hand car from them since arriving on the costa blanca 10 years ago and only wished i had dealt with them from the beginnig . Moreover, the biometric passports are still not here and they will probably be more expensive so we will be easily topping that list for quite some time.

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