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A first remarkable change in the new version is the extension of this platform to the business by introducing a simplified Business User experience for business process modelling.
Additional enhancement is that the pre-delivered content is now based on the already existing RDS solutions which, in our opinion, will be more valuable than the ‘outdated’ BPR as a starting point to model the business processes.
The importance of SAP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) significantly increases in the new SolMan version, since it is fully integrated to define projects cross all SolMan functionalities. The project management functionalities of Solution Manager completely move into SAP PPM, which simplifies the integration with Change & Release Management and Solution Documentation. Further good news for customers that will move or have already moved their SAP solutions to the cloud or onto the HANA database platform: all of these scenarios will be supported by SolMan, including monitoring and exception handling. Leave the crap out: The selection of what needs to be activated onto the new version and what not, is an exercise all Solution Manager customers should do before the upgrade in order to optain a deep knowledge of their system and have a clean startup of the new exciting SolMan environment.
SAP Solution Manager remains THE platform to support your business and IT, both for projects and maintenance & operations, offering the customers best practices as well as tools. Please find below an overview of the most important and interesting topics, coverd during SolEd2015. Expertum offers consulting services, and ensures a full implementation of your SAP solutions. Expertum, SAP recognized expert, is the first IT services provider on the Belgian market to receive coveted SAP certificate for quality management.
For most users, other possibilities also provided by Solution Manager have remained unknown. Some of these new features were not fully developed and were therefore only conditionally accepted by users. SAP Solution Manager 7.1 provides considerably more functionality in supporting the operation. In addition, SAP offers a new monitoring system that has a direct connection to SAP Business Intelligence.
In the new version Application Incident Management is adapted to the requirements of ITIL standards and allows for seamless connection to "Problem Management". With the help of Solution Documentation Assistant, business process models can be semi-automatically generated and verified. In contrast to the previous version of SAP, Solution Manager 7.1 makes standard interfaces available, via which third-party solutions (non-SAP solutions) are enabled to connect and administrate. With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 data is only processed by technical systems within the LMDB, and no longer in SMSY. The Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is the central repository for landscape information. The majority of system information in the LMDB is provided via synchronization with a System Landscape Directory (SLD) in the system landscape, with which that data sent by the SLD Data Supplier installed in the technical systems is continually collected.
The introduction of small functions to facilitate the system administrator’s daily, routine activities.
The consolidation of diagnostics as a standard component that is introduced in the context of configuration (SOLMAN_SETUP). For most of the above, the course is set in the configuration context (system preparation, base configuration).
Before switching to the Solution Manager 7.1 it is important to clarify if this is possible via upgrade, or if a completely new installation is necessary. However, detailed technical documentation is partially missing, which would make it easier for users to properly exploit the tool’s potential.
In order to continue fully benefiting from the opportunities of SAP Solution Manager application management, such as the use of a variety of new features, companies should upgrade soon to the 7.1 version.

Due to some completely new software architecture, already established scenarios need to be adjusted via migration path, or newly established.
SAP Solution manager is a unique solution stack which enables several of its integrated business processes to seamlessly interact with the customer’s IT landscape. Efficiency – a platform (SAP Solution Manager) which provides best-in-class best practices. Flexibility – The capability to utilize SAP Solution manager in a number of different ways (use cases) to maximize its impact on the organization and minimize operating costs. Control – this is a critical and elusive target for a CIO, and a SAP Solution manager is able to provide it because of its complete integration as well as the way in which it can automatically map and analysis  the core business processes within a SAP application landscape. This will be done by incorporating Power Designer that supports BPMN 2.0 and consequently integrates graphical representation. Self-Service functions can be reached via Fiori Launchpad, so from now on one User Interface can cover all different functionalities. The "Enhancement Package 1" that was brought out at the end of 2008, which was advertised with enhancements to existing functionality as well as additional features, also has not changed much. For example, Quality Gate Management (with which projects and the associated transport should be easier to manage) could not be integrated into Change Request Management. In this respect service processes are now comprehensively integrated – such as problem management, knowledge management and service level management.
The core task of LMDB is providing information on the complete system landscape at a central location.
In contrast, however, information must be manually applied to the logical landscape, because this information cannot be provided by the technical systems and the SLD. This already comes with a wide range of configuration possibilities, such that the customer-related amount of customizing can be reduced. Also, the correct completion of this configuration is imperative for receiving a working Solution Manager. This depends mainly on the complexity of the existing system, and on what services and features are already in use. More material is available as an overview of individual functions, than was the case with the previous version. With our experience, we will support you in the selection of possibilities and with successful technical implementation. We will gladly assist you in the analysis toward upgrading or reinstalling your Solution Manager 7.1. Sie finden unten eine reduzierte Version der Seite.Verwenden Sie alternativ einen modernen Browser.
Die prozessorientierte Ausrichtung der verschiedenen Solution Manager Szenarien ermA¶glicht die VerknA?pfung der betriebswirtschaftlichen Unternehmensprozesse auf die zugrunde liegende IT Infrastruktur. The business processes are core function within SAP Solution manager and replace the customer’s need to purchase, implement and maintain separate software and hardware solutions that provide these functions. Which provides efficiency and operational effectiveness, as well as providing a gateway to SAP’s support. Any customer can install this new application as it is included in the current SAP Support contracts, meaning that no extra licenses are required. This function is already offered by Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY) and the System Landscape Directory (SLD), with different technologies for different applications. In both cases, the envisaged Solution Manager architecture should be displayed in a roadmap that prioritizes the needs, and takes into account the procedural dependencies and impacts. But especially more technical functions such as test management or project management, are still mapped via work centre.

DarA?ber hinaus stellt der Solution Manager das Portal den Zugang zu Support und Service Leistungen der SAP dar. This is one very significant benefit that SAP Solution manager brings – the ability to replace several un-integrated tools with a single product which provides seamless integration, a single user interface (for ease of use), and which comes at no extra cost as a part of their SAP Standard Support. And this is exactly where the newly introduced features and enhancements can be found, which have more or less influence on the functions of the various WorkCenters.
The Importance of SAP Solution manager in both cost and efficiency terms cannot be over-stated.
Die Vorgabe von Dokumentenvorlagen und Statusschemata sowie die Zuweisung von Verantwortlichkeiten ermA¶glichen die Etablierung von einheitlichen Projektstandards, eine effiziente Projektadministration und ein anschauliches Projektreporting. Die Organisation des Testmanagements sowie die TestdurchfA?hrung lassen sich A?ber die integrierte SAP Testworkbench abwickeln. Umfangreiche ReportingfunktionalitA¤ten ermA¶glichen ein genaues Bild des aktuellen Testfortschritts. Werden umfangreichere Funktionen zur Testorganisation benA¶tigt, kann A?ber eine Schnittstelle die HP Quality Center Testmanagementsoftware in das Solution Manager Implementierungsszenario eingebunden werden.
Support Meldungen kA¶nnen direkt aus jeder Transaktion der Systeme Ihrer SAP Systemlandschaft aufgegeben werden.
Im Solution Manager Service Desk werden diese Meldungen zentral verwaltet und kA¶nnen durch Ihr Support Center im Rahmen des Problem- und Incident Managements bearbeitet werden.
Die im Service Desk des SAP Solution Manager ablaufenden Supportprozesse sind kundenspezifisch anpassbar.
Der Service Desk stellt eine integrierte Suche nach SAP-Hinweisen A?ber den SAP Service Marketplace zur VerfA?gung.
DarA?ber hinaus kA¶nnen die SAP-Hinweise automatisch mit dem SAP Notes Assistenten implementiert werden.
Dadurch ist es mA¶glich, in jeder Projektphase, wie Business Blueprinting, Konfiguration oder Testen und Support Meldungen anzulegen, die ebenfalls zentral im Service Desk verwaltet werden kA¶nnen.
Die FunktionalitA¤ten des Solution Manager Change Request Managements umfassen sowohl die organisatorische Abbildung der Prozesse des A„nderungsmanagements A?ber konfigurierbare Genehmigungsworkflows als auch damit verbundene Steuerungsfunktionen fA?r die technische Umsetzung und den Transport der A„nderungen. Durch die zentrale Kontrolle aller Change Requests wird die Konsistenz und VerfA?gbarkeit der Systeme sichergestellt und somit die QualitA¤t der gesamten LA¶sungslandschaft verbessert.
Durch den Einsatz des SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management Szenarios werden alle zu einer A„nderung gehA¶renden Dokumente an einer zentralen Stelle zusammengefA?hrt. Den Benutzern wird der Zugriff auf die relevanten Change Requests durch rollenspezifisch definierte ArbeitsvorrA¤te erleichtert. Basierend auf den Workflows existieren umfangreiche Reporting- und AuswertungsmA¶glichkeiten, wodurch die Nachvollziehbarkeit aller Change Requests sichergestellt wird.
Vertragskonten) sowie Finalisierung der SAP SystemA?bersicht zur Ermittlung der Anzahl an SAP-Installationen (Entwicklung, Integration, Test, Schulung, Produktion etc.).
Aus der Synthese bewA¤hrter Workflows und neuer Funktionen ergibt sich eine zukunftssichere und kosteneffiziente Implementierung Ihres Application Lifecycle Managements.
Dokumentation des Customizing (Word Dokument) Pakete zum Festpreis Incident Management: Das Paket beinhaltet die Migration von einer Vorgangsart im Bereich Incident Management, inklusive zwei Tagen Vor-Ort-PrA¤senz beim Kunden.

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