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Teachers around the world sent EducationWorld their favorite first-day-of-school activities.
If you're looking for fun activities for the opening days of school -- activities that will help you get to know your students and help them get to know you -- check out these suggestions from your colleagues around the world. After the students sit and I take roll, I ask them to take out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil for their first test of the school year.
On the first day of school, read to students a popular favorite -- The Important Book, by Margaret Wise Brown. I believe students are more interested in school when they have a hand in their own learning. To get communication going between students who aren't necessarily friends, I start the year off with a game of BINGO. For the entire first day of school, I arrange all the desks in a large circle, with everyone facing the center. This activity is intended to get high school science students thinking about the scientific process -- what is the issue or problem, what do we know, what do we need to know.
So here they are -- 14 great activities to help you get to know your new students -- and to help them get to know you. I've credited each activity as accurately as I was able to; in cases where I received the same idea from more than one teacher, I've merged those ideas and credited all. I explain to them -- in complete seriousness, of course -- that this will be the hardest test of the entire year because they have not prepared in class for the test. It's a wonderful, repetitive book that tells the "important thing" about a variety of things, such as a spoon, an apple, the wind, etc. I ask my sophomores to write a few paragraphs explaining what they would like to get out of my American government class.

Nagarjuna says that his younger son has worked real hard for the film but somehow it didn't worked out. Assign two children to bring in some object each day, such as a shell, that represents what they had fun doing this past summer. After we read the book and discover its repetitive form, we write our own More Important Book. If they could teach the class themselves, how would they make it more interesting and what would they avoid doing?
Examples: Visited Florida this summer, Is an avid waterskier, Has a big brother and little sister, Was born in another country, Lives nearest the school, Learned how to skateboard this summer, Didn't see the movie Titanic, Likes anchovies on pizza, Was born in the same month as you, Has a brother or sister in the same school, Favorite subject is science, Has an ear pierced more than once, Father's name is Jim, Read more than one book this summer, Speaks two languages, Has two pets. Issue texts, group students, and provide the following activity: Invite students to scan the first chapter of their text -- or the Table of Contents, which introduces major areas typically covered in the course.
That's how even Akhil should find his sensibilities and pick his director", said Nagarjuna, the other day.
The test can be as long or short as you wish; make the questions fit the things you would want them to know.
After each presentation, mount the plastic bags on each child's "window pane." This makes a great back-to-school bulletin board and provides children with opportunities to talk about their summer. This is a wonderful and fun way to get to know one another, and the book is read throughout the year. Students walk around the room and get the signature of someone who fits the specific description in each box. As we go around the circle, students try to repeat the information (names and facts) about each of the other students in the circle.
I tell them they received their very first 100 in my class if they answered all of the questions correctly!

To make it harder, have students fill every square with a different student's signature and set a time limit.
At the end of the "test," I give the answers, and the kids marvel at the discrepancy of their answers. When a student has a BINGO (one name signed per square) give the person a small prize, such as being first in line that day. Then, on a sheet of paper, students write three interesting facts about themselves that are true and one that is false. This is a great way to learn special things about your students and help get them to know one another. Determine what facts or information you as a group would like to know about this topic or issue.
An alternative: Set this up as a scavenger hunt with a series of questions, each question with a line beside it. Students are given a time limit to circle the classroom and find someone who has "been there, done that." That "someone" writes her or his name in the blank space.
After about 20 minutes, I stop the discussion and invite each group to share its responses.

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