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If you love him in spite of his lazy ways, chalk it up to one of those issues you can’t fix (we all have them) and outsource: get a cleaner, buy a dishwasher, hire a dog-walker, and say it’s his choice to pay half, or do half.
I agree, Jen – it is all about how people have been brought up, dragged up, whatever you want to call it. My girlfriend and I do about the same, although we do split up jobs according to what we like doing. On the flip side, I do know loads of men who share the burden equally with their partners and some who even do more than their fair share – so those caring sharing dudes are out there! You say leave him, but i think a lot of people do just put up and shut up becuase everything else is good – I personally was with someone for five years and seriously I could count on one hand the amount of times he did housework. Get a electric impact wrench (250 ft lb, $40~60) if you don't have air compressor and impact socket set ($16) . A: If you guys both really enjoy the relationship and like each other a lot then definitely stay together it'll work out if you make the effort.
There is no course called "video game design" where i live,,,is there some other course that u can do to get into it? Q: I've looked at the University of Adelaide's website and the course I wanted to do is a "Bachelor of Computer Graphics" which covers the game development, but the course isn't being offered next year, which means it probably wont be in 2013 (when i will be going to uni).
Q: I went to a uni party and there were plenty of girls, eager to get someone to know, I talked to many but the talk went dead after 5 mites after we exchanged all the information about the uni and where we were from.

Q: i want to get into investment banking, and will be applying for universities this year, but i dont want to study the subject in uni. A: if you want to be an investment banker, you should major in finance or something very similar to it. Q: I'm a prospective Uni student and I need to put together a costs plan to convince my family to allow me to move out lol.
Only 16.2 percent of men who work full-time feel they do a bit more or much more than their fair share. If he won’t agree to either, it may be time to leg it – and let him find a new slave girl to torture. I have a boyfriend of 6 months and I'm going to uni in September while he will stay at home. Webcam, e-mail, text, call, instant message and depending on how far away you'll be-you can visit each other when you can. Asking where someone is from is a good time to buy time and think of what you want to say next.
I wanna be an atomic bomb creator in the future, What do I need to study for my A-Levels, and also what's the course called which you have to study in uni, basically what atomic bomb creators are called? I have no idea about the costs aside from accommodation and tuition so if you could help me it would be much appreciated.

Now, we have nearly been together 2 years and it has honestly been the best time of my life.
Trust me, the ever-growing resentment you’ll endure living with a partner who never pitches in is just not worth your mental health. My boyfriend and I had a long distant relationship at first (both from different countries. Now I’m at uni and working full time and finding it hard to keep on top of everything.
I'm from America he's from Europe) and we made it work-it's hard being apart from each other but it'll work out if you want it to. Just make sure you communicate with each other as often as you can and don't give up on it, make the effort :) I'm in Europe right now trying to live here because I want to be with him and know it's where my heart belongs. But more than likely you will need to be the better talker because girls freeze up when guys talk to them.

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