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So the weather suddenly decided to get cold and rain down every single day for the past few days.
These heels are so pretty but so freaking tight I want to cry but to be honest the fact that I only paid ?13 for them does make the pain a little more bearable. I love LOVE love bold lips with monochrome outfits like total #swoon especially when the outfit has a retro feel to it. The love of my life my quilted Topshop leather jacket <3 Plus this weather was another great excuse to wear this dress which  I have fallen in love.

Yes I love Grease and everything about it, the fashion, the music its like I’ve died and gone to heaven. This shirt has been my excuse not to purchase a denim jacket all summer its so light oversized and studded with cute sliver balls and pearls <3 an over all win. Oooo how could I forget about my gorgeous studded boots these are just stunning clearly not for everyone but these are my statement boots they are just so funky. I think I was trying to achieve a vintage look by adding red lipstick and big accessories but I don’t know I think I like the overall look.

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