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You see that hot and attractive woman at the bar and you think to yourself if you could only get a girl to kiss you instantly. This is the key to being the guy that can walk up to a women and start making out with her. So when you make eye contact with a women, and she looks down and after that looks back up again, she is non-verbally telling you that she is responding emotionally to you looking at her. The next thing that you want to look for is a female that is looking around and trying to actively make eye contact. There are other signs that you should take into consideration like their body language and even the clothes they are wearing.
When you use this frame control it incorporates what are called subconscious triggers that will help accelerate this process to get a girl to kiss you.
The very first kiss is among the things someone remembers from their meeting with a man they desire a lot. You would love to just be in her arms and have her start kissing you passionately right there.
The reason for this is that a female that is looking down is reaching thoughtfully into her emotions.
You will also find that if she tilts her head down in addition to her eyes, this is even better because she is showing you that she is submissive.
If you see an attractive female but she is focused and engaged on someone else (male of female) or if she is focused on anything in general. You might think this is a good indication of someone that is trying to attract someone sexually and would be an easy target to make out with. You look into her eyes for three seconds then look at her lips for two seconds and then back up to here eyes. You will need to speak in a load voice so she will hear you but you do not want to yell into her ear.
At first it may take a minute or two but as you gain confidence with this technique you should get it down to about 40 seconds or less.
You will need to learn to talk with the correct tone, touching techniques that make her comfortable, NLP techniques, and so much more to develop an erotic connection between the two of you. Now you’ve triumphed in kissing the girl the very first time, here is a hot trick to making her kiss you and perhaps even more. When you see this eye dropping or head tilting down movement this is a very strong indication you need to approach her and be the dominate man. This is a dominate pose and she will be difficult to kiss quickly because she is showing dominance and will be more likely to resist your kissing attempts. However this is not the kind of women you are looking for because what she is really after is attention and not sexuality. Please do not use it on a woman that does not want to be seduced which is the main reason you are looking for a woman that shows the signs she wants to be seduced. You will make your voice very low so that you need to be extremely close for her to hear you.

This is not a tactic you can use every night you are out but when you see the opportunity to use it then take advantage of it. They could walk into this bar, approach this hot chick and then be making out with here right in front of your eyes in no time flat. They do want this to happen and you just need to pick the ones that want it to happen right now. What To Do You need to use what is called frame control to walk up to her and have her let you kiss her. When you do not see the opportunity to use it then use one of your other many seduction and pick up techniques. It is nerve-racking for girls, but more so for guys, since they often must make the very first move. If in a public place, and cleaning isn’t possible, you need to have a minty gum or some fruity chews to help freshen your breath and neutralize the flavor in your mouth.
You need to remember one thing and that is women like sexual experiences just as much as men (some even more so). For example they will have their legs close together and she will be just on the out skirts of the group. You need to become an expert at learning how to control a person’s frame if you want to be successful at this technique.
Here are four suggestions on the best way to get a girlfriend to kiss you without hesitation.
Unfortunately for women, this ultra quick make out session they are craving never happens because guys are too scared to approach them and just go for it.
What she is basically telling you is that meeting your advances and is not showing submission at least right now.
What you want to look for is a lady that is having conversations with others but is also gazing around to the room and trying to create eye contact with other individuals that are around her.
You also do not want to look for someone dressed as if they do not care like in sweatpants and a T-shirt. What this does is to reset her meter because you will find that when someone turns around and then turns back again, it is considered a new conversation.
However remember that when you do come across a woman that is ready to be seduced you need to act on it.
A girl will soon smell your breath when you are discussing, so she determines early on not or whether you are kissable. Some women will not be ready and you will be wasting your time trying to make out quickly with them.
The worst part is that the female ends up going home alone or worse they get resentful because nobody is approaching them. This does not mean that you will not be able to pick her up but as far as a quick make out session, it is highly unlikely.
When you see this indication, you will find that this is a very good candidate to approach and get a girl to kiss you quickly.

What you are looking for is something in between not caring and the girl who is saying “Check out My Tits. If you beat around the bush, waste time small talking, or wait to take action, she will be turned off and you will miss this great opportunity to seduce her. You eye this really hot woman that you desire and you would just love to have her lucious warm lips next to yours kissing you with intense passion.
If you want to be able to have this make out skill, you just need to learn to spot a lady that is ready to kiss you passionately right now. If you are going to walk up to a girl and start kissing her in less than a minute, they need to be in a state where they are already being submissive to you. You need to learn to control exactly what they experience so that you can get her to a place where she will want to make out with you right now.
The next step is to take your left or right hand (whichever one is easier) and very slowly reach around her back. When you learn this skill you will be able to make out with a girl very quickly Seems really simple right. The good news is that there are a few easy to spot indicators that will tell you if she is a waste of your time or if she is ready to kiss you deeply and quickly.
Submission is the one quality you are looking for if you want to walk up and get a girl to kiss you. If someone turns away from you and then turns back, you will normally give them a fresh start. They will not likely be under or over dressed because they may not really know what the dress code is for the bar they will be going to. You will then lightly brush your cheek against hers and after that you will position yourself so your mouth is close to hers. They will also likely come in with an open mind and potentially be looking to make some connections.
You will find that when you learn this technique, you will be a seduction rock star and your friends will be very jealous of your abilities to get a girl to kiss you. However if you want some quick action is to learn to look for signs that a girl is ready to make out and then approach her. You can watch for a little bit and then decide that she is the one to go for and then take action. If  you are new to this you may just want to head to the bar and look for women that show these signs. This will give you the confidence to proceed once you understand what you are looking for by practicing.
Once you got it down go ahead and proceed (even if you are wrong) so that you can see what happens.

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