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A friend of mine recently signed up for OKCupid (for those who might be unaware: an online dating site) and was constantly telling me about all the bizarre and pathetic lines guys try to use on her via instant message. This guy started off with a terrible line so I knew I could push this one a little further. I gotta give it to this guy, at least he bailed whenever I told him I was actually 16 (although saying I was born in 1996 wasn't an immediate giveaway, apparently). He thought he'd be cute and just go straight for the sex, so I decided to flip it on him and get him involved in prostitution.
I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass.
Overwatch Transhumanism "This Ugly Son of a Bitch" Ad Parodies Katie Price's Son Says C-Word on Live TV The Prolific Output of China's 50 Cent Party Snapchat's Dog Filter Game of Thrones: "Hold The Door" Eye Rolling Robert Downey Jr. On September 21st, an entry for “Sweet Apple Massacre” was created on the database TVTropes[5], which listed elements of the story as an example of the “High Octane Nightmare Fuel”, “Complete Monster” and “EyeScream” tropes.

I wanted to make this so idiotic and unappealing that no one in their right mind would show interest in this girl.
She tells him that she spent Halloween getting fingered by her cousin and he uses that as a segue to talk about trick or treating with HIS cousins. Her favorite movies include two Step Up sequels that don't exist, not to mention she spelled "Lincoln" the way Linkin Park spells it. He asked for a secret so he got the story of a c-section birth followed by a questionable adoption. I thought $45 would turn him away, since it's extremely low and was offered to him almost immediately, but instead he started bargaining for the deluxe package, I guess? The story bears many similarities to another infamous MLP:FiM fanfiction Cupcakes, in which the pony Rainbow Dash is viciously murdered by her friend Pinkie Pie. In the story, the MLP:FiM colt Big Macintosh kidnaps the ponies Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and proceeds to torture, rape and disembowel them. Tagged with i love you quotes and sayings for him best friends, i love you quotes and sayings for him boy friends, i love you quotes and sayings for him boyfriend, i love you quotes and sayings for him friends, i love you quotes and sayings for him from girlfriend, i love you quotes and sayings for him from the heart, i love you quotes and sayings for him graphics, i love you quotes and sayings for him husband, i love you quotes and sayings for him myspace, i love you quotes and sayings for him tagalog.

It's a little bizarre that an adult would choose to include the fourth installment of a children's movie in their profile name for a dating site, but I digress. If you are hitting on her after reading her profile, you have no interest in anything intellectual whatsoever. Under favorites, she admits her illiteracy, calls it "Two and One Half Men," lists Geico commercials as one of her favorite shows, and professes love for "Bon Jorvi." Next up, on "The six things I could never do without," we get the mention of a dead father with September in parentheses - whatever that means - some bizarre proverbs, and then, #4 just says YOLO.
I'm not saying that's smart but I'm just hoping for their sake they didn't read that trainwreck of a description and think "OK yeah!
Now, having a c-section and giving up the kid isn't a shameful thing, but this was the first thing she comes out with after, of course, calling him a "retrad." His thumb-wrestling comment was so obnoxious that I had to bail.
I started thinking about it and had a thought: I wonder how far guys would go to get a date or a hook-up.

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