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If you’re currently a student yourself and you badly want to know how to get a girlfriend in high school, then read and remember these 4 important tips. High school girls can be very particular when it comes to style and looks, so you’ve got to be sure to pick the right clothes and maintain hygiene. Being the fat guy or the skinny kid is never a good thing, especially if you’re eager to get a girlfriend in high school. This is probably the most important tip for how to get a girlfriend in high school, so don’t ignore it. This isn’t a movie where the geeky-fat-loner-shy-odd kid gets the head cheerleader at the end because he has a big heart, this is reality, and reality can be BRUTAL. No matter how nice, charming, funny, good looking, athletic, or fun you are, some girls just won’t be impressed no matter what. My point is, do you really want to compete with EVERY OTHER GUY in the school for her affection?
Why Is Getting a Girlfriend So Hard?Well, it's really not -- it just seems that way for you because you have no idea how to talk to girls, let alone how to convince one to go on a date with you. There's no mythical being standing in your way, no anti-girl force field surrounding you, and fate hasn't picked you out to be "alone forever" for some odd reason or another -- that's all hogwash!

My high school girlfriend would ask if I finally learned how to unbutton the back of a sweater! Just days after graduating from Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan — with honors — Hailie Mathers has revealed her personal senior prom photos on Twitter.
Not only is Hailie beautiful, she’s also smart and hardworking. She was awarded the Academic Excellence Award and the Department of Psychology Award during her high school graduation! Way to go, Hailie — you should be very proud of yourself for being smart, hardworking and kind to others. But, I can say that they’ll help you to get over your initial awkwardness and actually get a girlfriend in high school without any difficulty (well, maybe a little difficulty, but not too much). For every fancy piece of clothing, there is a generic brand that looks just as good and will pass inspection. This helps you look more desirable to girls and it also boosts your self-confidence, on the whole. The very thought of a guy (any guy too) NOT being rejected in high school by girls is laughable at best and downright pathetic at worst. With a strapless sweetheart necklace, the top half of Hailie’s dress was covered intricately with beads and gems.

Not only did she attend this dance, she attended homecoming — and was actually crowned homecoming queen on October 4! Hailie played on the volleyball team, was in National Honor Society, Art Club and Student Council, according to the Chippewa Valley Schools website.
Most guys freeze up at the idea of talking to a pretty girl, let alone one they actually LIKE.
This way, you can build a rapport and let her see that you’re not just a nice guy, but someone that’s fun to talk to and be around as well. More people, more friends, more interactions with females, more chances at getting a girlfriend.

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