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Sometimes it is only when you have the luxury of pausing and truly unwinding over a holiday break that your mind will have the moment it has needed to distil your thoughts and for the items that truly matter to float to the top. Of course, what may emerge as your highest priorities is vowing to spend more time with your family and friends, doing more of what you love and getting fit and healthier.  But when it comes to business priorities, I truly believe 2013 should be the year you focus your attention, time and financial resources to getting up to speed with the digital technologies that are available to you, and how these might be able to be rolled out in your business.
If you are not a Techy, it is no excuse for not taking full advantage of the Digital revolution! Every aspect of business can be conducted online these days – communication, marketing, finance, project management and more.
But that’s all they are.  Excuses which will continue to hold your business back from the success it really deserves, if you let them!

However, people of all walks of the business world are making and continue to make a real difference in their businesses – from 70 year olds right through to the very non-technical tradies and quite advanced users such as marketing professionals and web developers.  How have they done it?
In 2012 more than 380 business professionals across Queensland participated in a 12-week program called Get Up To Speed which was delivered entirely online, with some in person and virtual support offered from mentors. In 2013, the program is accepting registrations from across Australia, and even New Zealand, with the aim of providing much needed skills and knowledge surrounding current and emerging digital technologies. The program is available at $595 (with a $300 discount provided to Queensland based residents due to a Government subsidy) however, in WA you can apply for a $200 Training Voucher for any courses you do for the benefit of your business. If you as a business owner do not have a crystal clear idea of what is available to you, a clear idea of how you can utilise these tools and a clear strategy of how you plan to do it, you really are hindering your business’ true potential.

Through education.  By not being afraid to admit that they may not know everything, that they are perhaps struggling to keep up with a world that seems to change the goal posts (and even the game!) on a regular basis and by making a commitment to not only learn new concepts, but to actually implement them! From people in the music industry, to garden centres, jet ski hire and event planners, we truly had it all.
To access a Training Voucher send in an Application.  If your training course is accepted you can send in a copy of the invoice (once the course is completed) and you will recoup $200 + GST.

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