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You have the biggest crush on this guy but you don't faintest idea about any flirting rules that would actually enable to flirt with him. If you look too sturdy, you're going to intimidate him--but if you appear frail, he'll want to play prince to your damsel in distress (and starvation). Plant the seed in his mind: Rock a wedding dress to the party or dance so he knows just what you want.

You already know if that if a dude is dumb enough not to notice you, you're too good for him anyway. Barr began her career in stand-up comedy at clubs before gaining fame for her role in the sitcom Roseanne. Wearing a lot of low-cut shirts, short skirts or really tight pants will absolutely make every guy notice you. Foundation and bronzer will make your skin look better and pretty eye makeup will make you look awesome.

Put aside your own interests for a little while and focus on what he likes - but totally act like it's what you've always liked.

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