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Twists are particularly favorable for black hair because black hair retains many of the traditional characteristics of African hair, which is naturally curly, wiry, and textured.  Twists, then, take advantage of these features, which is dissimilar to traditional Western hairstyles that depend on long and straight strands of hair. I thought to leave this message because I would like to know how to do a twist hairstyle like that one I see here with Jamie Foxx. So my question is… Could someone tell me the process… like step by step, on how to achieve this very same look? I've got 3c hair, some of in there are 4 curls for sure, my hairs all over the place most the time, anyway. The 25 dreamiest guys with mustaches, beards, goatees, or just that perfect 5 o'clock stubble. In honor of Movember, RealBeauty compiled their list (let us know who we're missing) of the dreamiest guys with mustaches, beards, goatees, or just that perfect 5 o'clock stubble. We admittedly still think about when this fine bearded fellow used a huge cookie as a vehicle to tell Miranda he loved her on "Sex and the City." She may have used it as a vehicle to dump him and get back together with Steve (after she ate the whole thing), but we would've gladly been there to console him. We've lived through and closely followed this father-of-six's facial hair evolution from baby face to fuzz and back again. This Scottish actor does not need facial hair to prove his manliness, but we are certainly not hating on that extra dose.
We recently saw a photo of this hottie without his signature beard and we are still trying to get the shocking image out of our head.
The character Anton Chigurh in "No Country for Old Man" gave us nightmares for many reasons, but mainly because we hated seeing this Spanish actor without his stubble. This 1970s and 80s sex symbol's mustache has us dreaming of cold winter nights and bearskin rugs.

Some haters gonna hate, but this goateed rapper circa 2005 (sorry Snoop Lion) is fine in our book.
Don Draper's slicked hair and close-shaven face will forever weaken our knees, but we're into the off-set man when he skips a shave or seven. JT has gone from fresh-faced, boy band ringleader to manly megastar before our eyes—and like most every thing he does, he grew that beard right.
He may have since fallen from hot man grace, but Laurence Fishburne circa 1991 "Boyz in the Hood" is a bearded babe we are still thinking about. This German-born, Irish-raised actor recently admitted that he has never thought of himself as good looking.
McDreamy lives up to his name no matter the state of his facial hair—but we prefer him with a 5 o'clock shadow and a glint in his eye a la the Emmys 2008. It's not just anyone who can pull-off facial hair that looks like the "V for Vendetta" Guy Fawkes mask and still look hot.
Yeah, yeah, these days Ryan Gosling is a no brainer when it comes to any story with the word 'hot' in the headline. I'm growing my hair out after shopping it off really short, and it's in that middle stage and when my hair gets to that place, it's doesn't want to be parted, or styled down, and not even my diffuser can tame it. We'll take George Clooney however we can get him, but it has been scientifically proven hat Ben Affleck's movie success directly correlates to the length of his beard (do you remember how bald-faced he was in Gigli?). We're sure we're on the same page as Angelina in desperately trying to forget the crazy goatee beard of 2009 (do you remember when he put beads in it?), but this salt-and-pepper goodness and James Dean-esque 'do circa 2010 has us on Team Stubble. Here he is in 1990, still looking good 16 years after that iconic "Cosmopolitan" photo shoot.

But it seems that having a little more than a 'stache (like he does here in 2005) is his chosen off-camera hair situation—and we're totally okay with that.
We still get to feel the power of those piercing eyes, but we think this guy might be a little nicer to us.
But since he filled out and started growing facial hair he's never looked back, and neither have we. He might take you on his motorcycle or home to meet his parents—and with the beard he sported in 2010, we'd let him do either.
So let's just throw it back to "The Notebook" 2004, when his facial hair began to work its Godly magic. Check out the hottest new teen short hairstyles for boys this season that can help you get a look girls will love. Here they are (Clooney was the producer) celebrating their Best Picture 2012 win for "Argo" in all their bearded glory. Can we also mention we would have chosen a more recent photo, but it is next to impossible to find a photo of the reclusive star when he is not wearing glasses with colored lenses. They look like they have been twisted but the bottom half of the twist has it foundation of a afro.
Because most women get twist and the twist is done right up to the scalp showing the division and the sections in the scalp-line… These do seem to have that feature.

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