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With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you are probably thinking about confessing your love to a crush or significant other, but struggling with exactly how to do it. If you're feeling stuck, you can gain some inspiration from the creative people below who took a different, more "unique" approach to their proclamation of love.
Nicole Maines says her rights were violated when she was forced to use a different bathroom because a student's family member complained. Her fight has taken her all the way to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, and standing by her side is her twin brother Jonas.
Nicole Maines' family and the Maine Human Rights Commission had previously joined together in a lawsuit against the school district for violating Nicole's rights according to the Huffington Post. The state of Maine's Human Rights Act prohibitions discrimination based on gender and orientation, however state law requires separate bathrooms for boys and girls.

According to Nicole's attorney what really matters in this case is far more that what kind of bathroom Nicole is allowed to use, but rather the status of rights for the larger Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender community. The school initially allowed Nicole Maines to use the girls bathroom, however they stopped when a student's grandfather complained.
Maines attorney's say that the 15-year-old girl was singled out by the school district by being told to use a staff bathroom. Now the 15-year-old and her family are locked in a legal battle, over something very mundane.
However a Superior Court in Maine ruled that the Orono school district acted within their discretion by asking Nicole to use a staff lavatory, instead of the girls bathroom used by students. She says the experience has been hard, and states that she shouldn't be subjected to abuse for being transgender.

But right now the law is what it is, and our school district didn't violate it." Melissa Hewey said.
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As a female Nicole Maines wanted to use the girls bathroom at school, however an elementary school in Maine refused the then fifth grader's request.

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