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Here are some suggestions for you to consider when you’re preparing to give a presentation that includes data. This article is sponsored in part by Clear Men Scalp Therapy.The day of the big presentation has finally arrived. It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting to your company’s management, to clients, to industry colleagues at a conference – ultimately most people process data in a similar way.
One of the ways to guarantee your audience will be bored is to cram too much data onto one page and stay on it for minutes at a time.

You've done the research, put in the time and gathered your thoughts into a winning presentation.
Even a simple bar chart can be elegant, and it communicates a mathematical relationship more effectively than a table. One way to ensure you don’t read is to put very little text and numbers on your slide, so you are forced to make your point extemporaneously. Feeling this way before a presentation is normal, and there are steps you can take to turn these last few minutes before into valuable prep time that can also help during your presentation.

We're going to look at 10 tips that will help you to pull off a great presentation and put you in the right state of mind to execute it with style.

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