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Domnica Cemortan: Was Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino trying to impress ballerina?
Drinks at dinner and then disaster: Was Captain Coward trying to impress glamorous blonde ballerina when he hit the rocks? Schettino was seen 'drinking' at dinner in the company of Ms Cemortan at about 8.35pm on Friday evening.
They consider the 25-year-old Moldovan blonde to be a a€?key witnessa€™.Eleven people are dead and 30 missing after the A?400million ship came to grief on a rocky outcrop off the Tuscan isle of Giglio.
Schettino says he deserted the vessel only because he a€?trippeda€™ and fell into a lifeboat.
He is under house arrest on suspicion of multiple manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing shipwreck.
He is barred from leaving the A?175,000 apartment he shares with his wife Fabiola and 15-year-old daughter Rossella in the coastal enclave of Meta di Sorrento, near Naples. Divers resumed their search of the Concordia yesterday following a delay caused by the ship shifting position. When you discover your eyes staring at her for a long time; you become familiar with her endearing modest gestures that she makes while talking, the moving of hands and fingers, the way to smile, the magnificent expression of her eyes filled with life, the way she pulls her hair behind her ear and what not! You severely need these hot mens fashion style outfits ideas to impress your girl as to make her feel irresistible to stay away from you. Wear a shirt with proper fit along with a wool blazer that looks so damn hot and professional. Caesar hairstyle looks great with this sexy autumn outfit being a short and chic hairstyle. This unique style statement with professional leather handbag is all that you require at the end. A tee with longer length than the denim jacket when worn along with dark colored classy pants of narrow ankle looks fantasizing along with high ankle boots. Rubber platform wingtip shoes with cotton socks inside will help you walk with a swag style along with dashing jumpers over your authentic black trousers.
Flaunt off punk hairstyle for a hot vogue else a stylish hat will also look trendy with this outfit. Waist belt is a must that matches up with your boots in classy leather look for a muscular look.
Get a simple tee with a leather jacket over it along with a denim pant which is rolled at the bottom.
Your killing personality is soon going to experience the sigh of utmost distraction by your girl just as you step into the office in a complete up-to-date office look in classy suit. Loafers look too cool with the outfit along with the glasses on your eyes as you walk up to office. Shirt with a coat over it along with a denim pant for a young personality with an overloaded smartness wearing sexy rubber-heeled loafers looks appealing. Professional, yet attractive outfit which satisfies, both, the chic trendy look and the demand for professional look.
Winter or fall, both are fantastic seasons to rock on with this superb outfit to keep you warm while its cold outfit. Wear a superb sexy and outfit of the season, quilted jacket over a check shirt over a tee; its winter after all!
Sweaters over shirt, undoubtedly it is a great trend, looks unique when worn along with skinny denim with no slouch in it.

Get an adorable denim sleeveless Hoodie with simple tee shirt with short sleeves along with school boy boots. Tug your tee inside your formal pants and you just discovered a new man with classic fashion as you stand in front of mirror. It looks unique when someone wears shorts along with the denim jacket over a shirt worn over a tee shirt. Wingtips with rubber sole in color that matches somewhere in the outfit are preferable for this summer. Wear a crispy white shirt along with a waistcoat over it accompanied by formal pant as to have a perfect suit-boot garb for the important eve. What a classy look this outfit gives when two incredible old fashion outfits come together! And about your hairstyle, try spikes with this amazing party apparel to fetch everybodya€™s attention.
Do you wish to appear completely different tonight discovering a classy trend of fashion with a new chic personality?
Flaunt off your sexy chest and seducing abs with this irresistible semi-transparent shirt worn over the simple cotton Capri with military prints. Yet another outfit for you to try at beaches and flaunt off your sexy chest to bikini girls or may be to the one and only, your girl. The tie with plain silk fabric and the shoes with socks is a macho look that every girls wishes to see in her husband-to-be. Moreover, the beard which is heave at the chin (that is, center of the face) and goes on becoming light towards the ear. Why not make winter a bit more traditionally hot by wrapping shawl around your trendy leather jumpers? This article just prepared your fashion sense regarding every single outfit that is prominently used by youngsters who love to try every single new trend. Your fashion statement and appealing personality engraved by stunning mens fashion style outfits ideas will fetch her sphere of attention towards you leaving her breathless. Tug the tee from front as to show off the buckle of your waist belt thereby refreshing the look with a new fashion statement.
This outfit is unique because of the distinct color selection that look formal and at the same time trendy. Your denim pant and a simple tee with cardigan and duffle coat worn over it along with the high ankle boots is all you need to impress her. If you wish to make a dramatic style, try out an unusual colored pants with rolled bottoms along with wingtip boots.
Hipster pants are a street style these days as it looks cool making girls shiver a bit more this winter. The innocent look could be grabbed with this garb by getting a heavy beard and spiky hairstyle.
Boys will also flaunt off their incomparable dressing sense with these sexy denim shorts that are shorter than knee length. No, not actually flowers but the floral prints shirt with short sleeves along with the denim in black hue looks miraculous.
Let the side hair rest but the ones at the top of head has to be curled up as to get a new sassy hairstyle.
Try these suspenders over a formal shirt with sleeves folded up as to make this outfit more stylish.

Why not wear an impressive mannish black coat over white shirt with black pants and a black tie along with the outfit. Right here in this article, some traditional stuff is mixed with the western ones as to create some new fashion statement. A cool, street style that generally wrappers take over is a different kind of garb that one must try once in the lifetime. If you wish to try new apparel this spring, why not try out one-shouldered romper with shirt under it? You may use this pant to turn it into an indo-western outfit by wearing a kurta over it along with Indian juttis. Your hungry wardrobe is waiting for you to get these sexy new outfits and fill it will them. Miss Cemortan, who has a two-year-old daughter, had worked as a translator for the Concordia but was on holiday on the ship at the time of Friday nighta€™s disaster. Man, the time to celebrate the glory of love and adopt a new trend in fashion is right here just a few clicks apart waiting for this handsome guy to know these sexy mens fashion style outfit ideas.
You could define a new stylish trend by wrapping a check shirt around the waist and tying a knot in the front. The tie with sober texture and dark color over a collared shirt with coat and pant along with the leather boots that you feel comfortable in. How about trying out a pompadour haircut with this amazing outfit to look stupendously fabulous? Sneakers and high ankle boots are all time favorites to match up with these sexy and something-new outfits.
Tattooing is yet another thing that you could involve as a part of this mind-blowing street style. Slouchy boots are meant to be worn with this outfit as to comfort your feet in dead winters.
Every colorful trip that you make around the globe must involve new clothes with the new a€?youa€? so that every time people see you, you leave them awestruck with your hotter and more intellectual personality. Dayana was on holiday with her father, William Arlotti, 36, who is also missing.Preparations are under way to remove the 2,200 tons of heavy duty diesel in the shipa€™s tanks a€“ an operation expected to take a month.
Just as we know that first impression lasts forever, you need to keep in mind that first notion is always your appearance.
Wear a cap as to protect your face from sun-rays of summer thereby introducing a new style statement.
Well, you may also wear a Hoodie tee with some funky prints on it that are quite famous these days.
Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in, preferably sport shoes that look chic and stylish along with being comfortable.
Wingtip boots looks glamorous with this attire and refreshes appealing fashion vogue ideas. They were laughing and in high spirits.a€™He said the captain was drinking wine a€“ a claim that contradicts Schettinoa€™s assertion that he stayed off alcohol.

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