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My "How to Draw Realistic Lips" is power packed with plenty of sketches, tips, and techy info on the lips and mouth.
Now when you draw lips, the line which separates them needs to be drawn first and defined (dark). Look for generalities (like the top lip is thinner than the bottom lip) and uniqueness (when lips are shaped differently, like top larger than bottom). The two parallel lines in gray are to give you ability to compare where the red intersecting lines go.
I made this line drawing especially for you if you don't want to do the pencil shading and blending part. The picture that goes with this step shows two different ways to hold your pencil to acquire certain effects.
PENCIL STROKES & TONE, SHADING, TEXTURE -- For your convenience, I have inserted this step with different pencils, strokes to use. Now technically this is your first step and what you will do to start it off is draw two circles the exact same size for the heads.
In this step you will start the sketching process of the hair style in the front and then the shaping of their faces. In this fourth step you will start drawing out the rest of the hair style for both the anime female and male.
Well this is your last drawing step and all you will have to do here is add the hair definition lines to their heads, and then draw out the shape of his ear. You will now draw her one eye that is showing closed, and make sure the lid is thick, bold and dark. I did not create shading for this drawing, but if you would like to draw Jessie J, I have a tut on her.

Another thing to mention is lips tend to get thicker when the mouth puckers up as presented at the bottom line of sketches. Also the cylinder shape in the picture represents the direction and perspective of the lips. And you can study the shapes that make up this drawing universe, along with tone, shading, and texture. If I were to do the whole picture in a pencil sketch,(sketching in small circles, lines or crosshatching to shade the areas, it would take hours upon hours to cover all that area with a pencil.
The easiest way to start these steps is to draw two faces with one on top of the other and then just erase the lines of the females nose and top lip.
You will then add the face guidelines which are two dash like lines and then the line of position for their necks.
Once that is done you will draw out and thicken the closed eyes and draw out the front of the necks.
How many of you have always wanted a tutorial on drawing these two Mario characters embraced in a moment of love and affection? Again, draw the profile of Mario's face, then draw in the hair line as well as his large ear. From the artist point of view, it is important to know the parts of your subject to convey a more knowledgeable and realistic art piece. Check out the different shapes (nicknamed) lips can come in, even some that don't have that Cupid's Bow shape.
Practice drawing them within the semi-cylindrical surface, this represents the jaw bones and follows the rules of perspective. Just like my guidelines, imagine a line between the mouth’s corners, then everything will be clear. UNDERHAND: Holding the pencil at a 45 degrees or near level to the table with end of pencil under your palm with pencil on the flat side, gives you large shading coverage. You can put out some subtle signals that you’re angling for a kiss without coming right out and saying it. There was this one position that I never drew before and I thought that it would make a cool tutorial because if you really think about it you can’t find this pose anywhere.

In the second step start first with the inside outline of the mouth and progress to draw her teeth and tongue. Follow the pictures to learn how the lip shape is formed through 3-dimensional and block lines.
Are there any celebrities, family, friends or even your lips that match any of these shapes? Also at the bottom line you have a mouth opened, a snarl, and one perhaps blowing out a candle.
As a general rule, the upper lip is usually thinner then the lower (samples in the previous steps give unique lips that don't apply to that rule). When you rotate this picture to the right 90 degrees (clockwise), you get that archer's bow shape. It’s an area where the top and bottom lips intersect, so make sure they have a fair amount of volume. I really had a lot of fun drawing out the concept of this project and I think that they came out beautifully.
I have to admit, I didn't know that drawing Mario and Princess Peach kissing was going to be so fun. Make sure you don't forget that since the teeth are under her upper protruding lip that makes the shadow. ORAL (LIP) COMMISSURES are the corners of the lips and are always darker since it's away from the light.
The way that their lips are locking really makes it look like that these anime people are in love. ANOTHER TIP: For the profile view, the top lip normally protrudes more than the bottom lip or as much as it. The 3 lips in the lower right-hand corner are sketches of unusually positioned lips, puckering, lick, biting on lower lip.

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