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June 14, 2010 By: Paula2 CommentsA few weeks ago I began to plan a middle school graduation party for my teenage daughter and 45 of her closest friends. First, I contacted one of my favorite designers, Carolyn, from Cards with Care and asked her to make a custom invitation. Then, I decided to try out the inspiration board services of Chris at Celebrations at Home.
Stayed tuned for part two when I’ll share photos and sources for the party desserts and sweets as well as how I kept the active teens entertained.

Combining her love of desserts, experience planning events of all sizes and keen attention to detail, Paula Rosenthal founded Just a Bite Desserts in 2011.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I decided to seek the assistance of some very creative women I had found online.
Chris is a party planner and has an incredible blog filled with fabulous parties to spark your creative juices.
As an upscale dessert stylist who believes that every affair should be finished in sweet style, Paula works with her team of specialty bakers, candy artisans and graphic designers to create a memorable ending for special occasions.

I sent Chris a copy of the invitation Carolyn had designed and she sent me back two inspiration boards. Since the framework was already there I knew I would be able to design a snazzy tent of my own.

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