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How To Kiss advises anybody who is kissing someone new for the first time to begin slowly with a simple closed-lips kiss.
If your first simple kissing has gone fine, then slowly and lightly draw your tongue across the other person's lips. HANDS should be used gently, and having started with waist, back and shoulders go on to caressing hair and face. EYES at first should mostly be closed, but go on to eyes opened at times, especially if your date does. SOUNDS like moaning and groaning should at first be avoided, but go on to the occasional mmmm, groan or smacky sound especially if your date does.
TONGUE action should start slowly and involve a give-and-take, with both parties allowed the opportunity for interaction. When kissing someone for the first time, always begin slowly with a simple closed-lips kiss.

Do note that different people can prefer different ways of kissing, so there is really no wrong way to kiss. How To Kiss advice is for boy, girl, man, woman, single, divorced, separated, widowed, single parent, teenaged or elderly. Above is a good example of how people who are afraid of kissing kiss each other — with their genitals as far away from each other as possible, in case the slightest peck causes the slightest unexpected erection.
With a first kiss, only if your date opens their mouth or uses their tongue should you then move on to tongue kissing or french kissing. If the other person lightly parts their lips, slowly explore the other person's teeth or tongue in a light licking motion.
Only when your date opens their mouth or uses their tongue, should you then move on to tongue kissing or french kissing. Trying the above will help you to find out what your partner likes, and to then go with that.

This is the only logical explanation as to why he would be kneeling next to a couch where his partner is seated, but on the arm of said couch and not the traditionally accepted seating area on the cushion.
And kissing does not have to be mouth only, you can go on to kiss their neck, cheeks, chin and maybe more if they like it. By not joining the female on the couch (where there is plenty of room, unless she is suffering from Rose DeWitt-Bukater Disorder), he is giving her the impression that he is not that interested in sharing the space with her, and is only interested in her mouth.

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