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A Wilmington man accused Will County deputies of seizing his gun collection and killing his pet turkey, and he wants to know which ones did it.The lawyer for Douglas Albright petitioned Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley for the identities of the deputies who allegedly killed his turkey.
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Image Details 4,995 views (11 from today) Uploaded Jun 12, 2012 at 10:26PM EDT Origin Entry Women Logic Women Logic (also known as “Female Logic”) is a term primarily used by men to describe a range of behaviors and thought processes that would be seen as distinctly feminine.

In realms of popular culture, such concept of woman’s logic has been employed as a comedy trope to explain various differences between men and women and sometimes for misogynistic humor. On the web, the trope has been adapted into a variety of image macros and rage comics since early 2011.

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