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All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. In this tutorial, we’ll be designing a clean website layout using the 960 Grid System.
There are many grid systems available for use online, and there are good practices for creating systems of your own. If you’re working directly from the 960 Template file, convienent guides are already setup for you marking the grid and gutters. You can save this document as a template and reuse whenever necessary, it saves a lot of time and the canvas height can always be changed to suit. As the company is called blue grid we’re going to add a grid styled background to the callout.
Create a new layer above your callout layer and fill this layer Edit > Fill with your new pattern.
Rotate this layer 15 Degrees apply a colour overlay of white and place over the callout bar.
The next step is to make sure that the gridded area only extends to the edge of the 960px working area so pop your guides up if they are hidden. Select the layer mask by clicking it then select the Gradient Tool (G) and choose a black to transparent gradient. Next you’re going to need some dummy content to place in the slideshow, I personally have taken a screenshot of my blog.
To start off the content section we are going to add a subtle gradient, use your Rectangular Marquee Tool to select all the area under the callout, next select the Gradient Tool (G).
Our last section is the Footer this will hold a login form, contact details and a few links.
We’re going to add the form now, first create a header Arial 20pt Bold (#FFFFFF) and place it on the left hand side of the footer.
Repeat this for the submit button but use the Rounded Rectangle Tool(U), then add an Inner shadow to these elements, drop the opacity to 30%, size and spread to 0 and the distance to 10px. Finally were going to finish up by adding some contact info, add a header Arial 20pt Bold (#FFFFFF) and line up with the form header, then add contact info below in Arial 16pt #FFFFFF.
Use the grid and the guides to check that everything is lined up and balanced, if not then adjust accordingly.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a small grasp of how you can work with a grid system, and customize a basic system of your own.
I cant get it from both sides – if I add gradient from left, then when adding it to the right, left one disappears and vice versa. It is an incredible tutorial – I was so much looking somebody to explain the basics how to prepare gird and etc. But I didnt actually understood – when you open the grid, there are 12 pink vertical lines.
Ellen may be right… she probably may be very good in what she does but I think the point is the way she said what she wanted to say. As an aspiring web designer (and a predominantly self-taught one at that), this was incredibly helpful.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. You’ll see how working with this system can streamline web development workflow, and how to work with a grid system. The purpose of this tutorial is to ease you into a system if you haven’t tried one before.
Create a new guide View > New Guide, select vertical and create guides at 360px, 840px & 1320px the reason we put these guides is so we get a 960px working area between 360px and 1320px and a central line 840px.
Repeat the process for the header bar by selecting the Rectangular Marquee Tool but with a height of 240px then fill with the same light blue (#ADC7D9) as the logo.
To do this were going to use a similar technique to when we added the horizontal lines, first create a new document 25px by 25px. Select your callout bar area either with the Rectangular Marquee Tool or Control + Click the layer. Resize this so that it’s the same size as the slideshow then Select > Modify > Contract 10px , select the inverse of this as before and delete. First add a title in the same style as those previous Arial 25pt Bold #262626 and align this with the header of the services section.

Start by selecting the bottom section of the document with the Rectangular Marquee Tool and fill it with Dark Grey (#262626). Then use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create two rectangles these will be the input fields. I would strongly encourage you to experiment with these systems more until working with them becomes second nature for you. I’ve just started learning and know nothing about photoshop, but managed to follow through the entire lesson and learnt quite a few things on the way. But on 5 point of your tutorial there are 15 of them and on 6 point there are already 16 of them. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. The grid will be slightly small on height so stretch the grid vertically so it touches the top and bottom of the document.
First create a new document 24x24px, delete the background, then draw a single 1px line along the bottom of the document. We’re are going to add a subtle gradient to the section so double click to bring up the Layer Style Panel and select Gradient Overlay. Once again delete the background to make it transparent and draw a single 1px line along the bottom and this time up one side and define it as a pattern Edit > Define Pattern.
Next select the Rectangular Marquee Tool right click (Control + Click) and choose select inverse then Delete. Didn’t follow the tutorial 100% but i think the point was showing the 960 grid system in action. Colour the active link which in this case is home in white (#FFFFFF) and fill the others with a light grey (#BBBBBB). Choose the colour to transparent overlay then change the blend mode to overlay and reduce the opacity to 30%. Repeat this for 3 stories then place a link underneath in Arial Underline 16pt #A4BDCD to the news page.

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