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I had 4 different colors of ribbon, so I cut 10 of each color.Cut and seal the ends of all 40 pieces of ribbon. You can seal the ends using your preferred method.I have found the Creative Wood Burning Tool to be a lifesaver!I love that you can cut and seal the ends of your ribbon in one simple step. Push your needle through the ends of the ribbon and slide the loop down to the knot.Repeat with the remaining ribbons. There is no end to the cuteness you could create with a Loopy Puff Bow!Thanks Britt for the fantastic tutorial!If you haven’t made one of these yet, now is your chance! And with our amazing selection of ribbons, your creativity is unlimited!Brittany is the creative mind behind Crafty Mischief and her crafty ideas are endless!
Check out her blog to see tons of crafts for every holiday, for the home, for kids, and so much more.We love having our blog contributors, and if you have a great craft blog or shop, we would love to have you!

The ribbon frays really easily so if you seal the ends with a lighter or fray check, that will keep the ends nice and neat. My daughter will be 5 and is now a cheerleader and my son is going to be 10 and plays football and they both race dirt bikes and I want to make them cute little things!!

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