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The other night I stayed up until midnight doing just that, and then posted the fruits of my labor on my Facebook page. There are countless ways to make hair bows and you can find plenty of other instructions on the net. My husband and I did this video in about fifteen minutes and I spent a grand total of about five editing it so this is just a homegrown production but I think it shows ya what you need to know and I hope you find it helpful!
I was one of those little girls who identified with Laura Ingalls, but still thought Nellie Olsen was the luckiest girl in Walnut Grove to always have those big old bows perched atop her head! This is the way that I figured out how to make them a few years ago and I find that it works better for me than any of the other methods I’ve tried. Between the video and step by step photos I’m hoping I make sense but feel free to give me a holler in the comments section if you have any questions. See techniques on the Twisted Boutique Bow, Pinwheel Bow, Spikes, and Surround Loops!Hello! Now that I have a little girl, one of the things I have the most fun with is dressing her up in an assortment of bows. I received a lot of requests for a tutorial on how to make hair bows so I decided to post a video as well as a step by step photo tutorial. The video is the easiest way to learn, I think, with the photos acting as a good reference for later.
You might remember my other tutorials on adding marabou, bottle caps and detachable centers to hair bows. There are many different techniques used by different bow makers, but in this tutorial I will cover the basics and techniques that I use.

I made 3 different styles of stacked boutique bows using the Halloween Candy Corn, Dino-mite and Lil Sister Ribbon Mixes from The Ribbon Retreat.Each Ribbon Mix includes 5 different ribbons, expertly matched in various widths.
This bow can take some time to master, but with some practice, it will become second nature. I make twisted boutique bows using a cardboard template that is easy to make and economically practical.
MADE TO ORDER # available refers to amount of materials on hand to make this item especially for you. If this is your first twisted boutique bow, I would suggest trying with a 5” template and use ?” as I’ve done in the picture. Easy to adjust (like a bra strap) and the bow also slides on the elastic to get it just the way you want it. I trim and seal my ribbon ends after I’ve sewn my bow, but it’s okay to do it before you make your bow as well.
Carefully pull it off of the template, but do not remove the pin.The next step is the very most important part of making twisted boutique bows.
When you do this your ribbon will begin to form an ‘X’.Pull the loops to form a uniform ‘X’. You can use any width of ribbon to make spikes, for this Halloween bow I will be using 1.5”, ?” and ?” ribbon. Then roughly arranged them in a pattern that I liked for this bow.Here is how to make even spikes.
Do this with each spike and add them in an ‘X’ pattern as shown.This is how I have arranged my spikes.

The Ribbon Retreat has how to attach a clip to a bow tutorial if you need more help.Lets try another bow!This awesome dinosaur bow is a different style, as you can see it’s not quite as tall.
Crease your pinwheel bow just like a twisted boutique bow, tighten, knot and finish off.To make a twisted boutique bow with layered ribbons, all you have to do is align then them and wrap them as shown. Be careful to keep them aligned while sewing and creasing.I made these surround loops by taking a rough estimate of the size I wanted each loop to be.
They also have an amazing assortment of embellishments to choose from.I hope this tutorial will inspire to you make beautiful bows. RETURNS POLICY: If you are unhappy with your purchase I am happy to give a refund provided the item is returned in a re-saleable condition. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up with what’s going on here on the blog.Again, many thanks to Britt! I am happy to refund if the garment does not fit but please ensure it is in exactly the same condition it was sold in, brand new & un-worn.
If you are not into making bows and love buying them, check out Charlie’s Halo for beautifully made bows and accessories.

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