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For volumetric efficiency we want the intake stroke to fill the cylinder with the max - air-fuel. Intake - Valve isn't open long enough for the air (or air-fuel mix) to completely fill up the cylinder under the given pressure gradient. We could help this situation by using a different cam profile which allows the cam to be open for longer.
So vtec's switch between two distinct cam profiles which is selected by the ecu depending on the RPM. But of course we could benefit even further by having a continuous control over lift and timing. In a nutshell (paraphrasing the Wikipedia article), you have two cam profiles, one designed for low-RPM operation and fuel efficiency, the second (taller cam) for performance.
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Are there any quick way to tell if a filter is high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass, just by looking at the transfer function in the s domain? Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? CivicSpoon03-15-2011, 10:46 AMThe seats and steering wheel are both covered there, so it's just buying the seat covers and the steering wheel cover. The rest is removing the parts (vents and such), sanding them, spraying them with plastic primer (assuming they are plastic parts), and then spraying them with paint. This means the intake valve is open even after the piston reaches the bottom of the intake stroke. If we open the intake stroke as well (overlap) at the end of the exhaust stroke we end up using the momentum of the exhaust to suck in air from the intake port! At higher RPM's we would benefit by using a bigger 'hole' and hence the cam profile is such that it also pushes the poppets deeper.
That wikipedia article documents the evolution of vtec's and might make for an interesting read.

The ECU decides when to select which profile based on several engine parameters by actuating the locking pin that runs through the rocker arms. Or just get an after market ecu for your car which will give you many more options as well. Air at this velocity has sufficient momentum to continue to push and compress into the cylinder even as the piston is moving up for the compression stroke. Since the size of the port is a tuned parameter, using a bigger hole all the time will result in the engine running rough.

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