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Meet Barney's new pal, Riff, a dinosaur who knows how to find music everywhere, in this episode of the award-winning, perennially popular show. Puppet Power DVD 1 includes how to make a monkey puppet, how to make a snake puppet, how to make a frog puppet, how to make a zebra puppet and how to make a lion puppet! Puppet Power DVD 2 includes how to make a T-Rex puppet, how to make a Stegosaurus puppet, how to make a Pterodactyl puppet, how to make a Raptor puppet and how to make a Triceratops puppet! Puppet Power DVD 3 includes how to make a dragonfly puppet, how to make a snail puppet, how to make a ladybug puppet, how to make a caterpillar puppet, how to make a spider puppet and how to make a butterfly puppet! I have been a puppeteer since 2001, and have taught hundreds of puppet-making workshops to children, parents and even teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2010, the Producers of a new Scooby Doo Animated Movie DVD called and asked me to host a video about How to Make Monster Puppets on their new Scooby Doo DVD.

A little girl has big dreams of playing her violin at the fair, so Riff teaches her and the rest of the gang all about rhythm, instruments, and music. Now I'm a professional puppeteer, with kids of my own who are just as enthusiastic about making puppets as I am. Please email me with photos of you and your puppet(s), along with your name & the name of your puppet(s). Meanwhile, the group plays educational games, tries out the rides at the fair, and sings irresistible and infectious songs. So I decided to make a DVD series that would help teach viewers how to make sock puppets, hand puppets, finger puppets and more using household objects.
I designed the puppets with the help of my then 4-year-old son, and the video was a BIG HIT!

And then you end up with some really cool puppets to remind you & your family how much fun you had! For example in DVD #1 How to Make Animal Puppets, viewers learn how to use a juice box to make a Monkey hand puppet. I got a lot of great emails from fans of the video, so I decided to make Puppet Power on DVD to teach viewers how to make animal puppets, dinosaur puppets and bug puppets.

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