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Thankyou to everyone who entered the Bronnie Bakes giveaway (I will be drawing a winner this week). One of the requests I had was for a Tiffany Gift Box cake and because I recently picked up a Tiffany stencil, I thought I’d give it a try for my lovely neighbour who is celebrating her birthday today.
The gift box should be square, but seeing as I only have circular tins (and it’s a lot easier to cover than a square cake) it will have to do! I dusted some pearl lustre dust over the ribbon and my stencil was a one off that I purchased (sorry for that but my supplier has run out of stock).
Thank you so much for this tutorial, it has helped me so much, been wanting to see a ‘Tiffany’ tutorial for a while now, shall be attempting this next week!! Eating chocolate cake as part of a full breakfast can help you lose weight, say scientists. A homemade felt chocolate cake for sure will not make you or the beneficiary gain any extra pounds, yet it is a gorgeous birthday gift! This blog will give you some creative ideas how a Love Box could look like to inspire you to create your own. Here you can download little cards with quotes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad, daughter, son, sister, brother, grandparent(s), grandchild(ren) or best friend and fill your gift box with them. To make this birthday gift box cake, I started with two 10' almond creme cakes stacked and iced with white buttercream icing. This gift box cake was made for the annual danish cake competition held by a danish cake craft store.

I was so lucky to win 1st prize with my cake and it is now my turn to have the trophy at home. I have used pink food color for the top tier and a mix of blue and green food color for the second tier.
Need inspiration for your front door decoration,here are some great christmas decoration ideasfor you. Here are some fun ways to keep your kids captivated on Christmas day with these wonderful Christmas decoration ideas for your cupcakes.
Basically it is a Special Homemade Gift Box filled with 365+1 QUOTES AND MESSAGES for 365+1 days of the year. Once iced I placed the cake in the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow the icing to crust. Eventhough it can contain loads of fondant paste I find it good to work with as long as you knead in a few drops of water & some white fat to make it more pliable to push through. Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition that most people enjoy and look forward to every year.
You can let your imagination fly and have awesome Christmas decorations ideas for your cookies. You could also print the writing onto tracing paper and use a pin to make holes for the tops and bottoms of the letters and then write it that way.
While the cake is in the fridge I loaded a 16" bag with the large tip with dark chocolate buttercream icing.Take cake out of fridge, place on turntable and ice the top of the cake generously with dark chocolate buttercream.

Your children can help you prepare the décor on the cupcakes,it will keep them occupied and you have more family time.
Now to make the rim of the box, take the 16" bag with the tip and place on top side of cake and squeeze (applying a lot of pressure) out a rim around the birthday gift box cake (this will form the lid). Once you are finished rolling and forming you will need to pinch the fondant on the underside and then cut off the excess.
Apply some shortening or cornstarch to fingers and take opposite ends of one square and pinch in the middle. I cut an empty paper towel holder in half and covered with parchment paper to wrap the rectangles around. Once wrapped around the holder, evenly brush the ends with water and fold side to side like an accordion to form the pleats in bow and pinch to hold shape.
To make the streamers, roll out fondant to a desired rectangle length (I always roll out extra and cut off excess) and using a knife or pizza cutter cut in half. To make it looked curled up, place your finger under streamer to shape and press into side of cake gently to hold shape.
Apply roses and leaves by placing a small circle of buttercream under each one to add height.

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