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This tutorial demonstrates how to create an online resume that incorporates Microdata. The tutorial demo is a one page site template that you are free to use for your online resume.
Please note that this is not a web design or CSS tutorial, so only the HTML5 and Microdata markup will be covered.
Because Microdata is based on the HTML5 microdata specification, HTML5 markup is being used to create the one page resume site template. Note: An HTML5 JavaScript shim is not required in IE9+ and other modern browsers that support HTML5. The HTML5 article element is used for standalone content that would most likely be syndicated like a blog post or news article. The first types of schemas that we are going to add to the markup is Person and PostalAddress. Itemprop attributes need to be added wherever appropriate using span tags so that additional information is provided to search engines about our web page. Next the EducationalOrganization and PostalAddress schemas are going to be added to the markup. Warehouse Flowchart - Use the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Flowcharts solution from the What is a Diagram area of ConceptDraw Solution Park to design your own workflow diagrams and flow charts. Use the Best FlowChart Tool for the Job, Types of Flowchart - Overview, Example of DFD for Online Store (Data Flow Diagram) DFD Example, Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, Create Process Flowcharts, Examples of Flowcharts, Org Charts and More, Top 5 Android Flow Chart Apps, Sales Process Flowchart.
Simple Flow Chart, Flowchart Software, Flowchart Software, Line Chart Template for Word, Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, Use the Best FlowChart Tool for the Job, How to draw a Cross-Functional Flowchart, Process Flowchart, Workflow Diagram Template, Purchase Process Flow Chart, Receiving Process Flow Chart, Accounting Flowchart Example. A software you use for drawing workflow diagrams should provide a wide set of examples allows you get closer with workflow diagrams, learn symbols meaning, find appropriate layout and design, and then start drawing your own workflow diagram masterfully. Business Productivity Diagramming, Process Flowchart, Workflow Diagram Symbols, BPR Diagram. Workflow Diagrams solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with samples, templates and vector stencils library for drawing the work process flowcharts. Process Flowchart, Business Process Mapping — How to Map a Work Process, Tree Network Topology Diagram, Credit Card Order Process Flowchart. If you want to illustrate some process or instruction in a easy-to-understand way, you should consider creating a flowchart. The workflow represents the transferring of data, documents or tasks during a work process.
ConceptDraw provides a wide variety of examples such as flowcharts, organizational charts, business charts, and lots more. Cross-Functional Flowchart - to draw cross functional process maps is by starting with a cross-functional flowchart samples and templates. One of the most popular option helps to draw diagrams faster is pre-designed set of examples related to each kind of diagram.
This sample shows the Flowchart that displays the layout and work flow of the cloud marketing platform. Our site is funded in the main by the selling of editable versions of our most popular and best designed CV templates. All you need to do is simply copy or type your personal details into the ready made text boxes, within minutes you will have a eye catching, interview winning and professional resume.
After almost two-and-half years, it is with great pleasure that I officially unveil the fourth edition of The Conversation Prism. For those unfamiliar with The Conversation Prism, it is an evolving infographic that captures the state of social media, organized by how important social networks are used by professional and everyday consumers. With research beginning in 2007, the original Conversation Prism debuted in 2008 as a visual map of the social media landscape. It is provided as a free download in many sizes and shapes here including a wall-sized poster! The Conversation Prism is important because it is the ONLY research-driven map that explores the evolution of the social web dating back to the rise of social media. The Conversation Prism was designed to help strategists see the bigger picture in the evolution of social media beyond the most popular and trendy sites.
Each shade of color represents an entirely unique reflection of light, meaning separating context and intention by network.
Original designs refracted the light of conversations vertically, like so many traditional prism images you see.

The Conversation Prism is available as a poster for $20 or as a free digital download in a variety of resolutions and sizes.
Like the first one, this will also be printed and hanged from a special place on a wall on our Social Media Agency!
These sorts of graphics make great presentation title pages, but I am not sure they help people understand social media – it just confuses them.
Another thing to consider is that each network represents its own culture in how they’re used, why and how people also behave within them. I guess I remain uncomfortable with the idea that you define conversations more by the network or channel they sit within rather than by the subject.
Brian, Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together and then to share it with others. I’m curious as to whether your initial motives to provide an in-depth resource and analysis of social media and networking to be used freely for individuals and companies (aside from the $20 fee for an actual poster) is still the driving factor behind the prism for you. Is it possible to re-use the conversation prism in my blog (It is mentioned as free to republish). As a bonus, several color versions are included in the source files zip; dark green, light green, dark blue and light blue. Unfortunately, older web browsers like IE7 and IE8 do not recognize certain HTML5 elements. THis is due to the fact that it makes more sense, when considering how each item has a title and a description.
The section element was used in the markup because none of the sections of the resume are considered to be standalone content. This article does a really good job explaining the difference between HTML5 article and section elements. DFD Library, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) with ConceptDraw PRO, Flow chart Example. ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Workflow Diagram solution provides a complete set of samples, templates and features help you to draw diagrams faster.
Flowchart Examples, Pyramid Chart Examples, Business Process Elements: Swimlanes, Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, Sales Process Flowchart Symbols, Business Diagram Software, Flowchart Software.
You can avoid wasting a lot of time understanding complex concepts as they get clear with different diagrams. We separated all the graphic documents on application areas and had produced multiple solutions for each of them.
To make it easier to study and analyze working processes, and to present them in a simple visual manner, workflow diagrams are used. Please choose any examples you are interested in, alternatively download them for free; you will need to install ConceptDraw to view them.
ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Workflow Diagrams solution delivers a complete set of workflow process examples helps you to start making your own workflow faster. By doing this we avoid having to pollute the site with unnecessary display adverts, pop ups, blogs or spam emails. Also remember that you will have more than one superb high quality designs and layouts to choose from. Viewed and downloaded millions of times over, The Conversation Prism in its various stages has captures snapshot of important moments in the history and evolution of Social Media.
It was created to serve as a visual tool for brands to consider unforeseen opportunities through a holistic lens. Years and four iterations later, it remains an ongoing study in digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life. As a form of validation to show executives that social media is not a fad and that it’s bigger than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. To motivate teams to find new ways to think about social media and explore new ways to improve experiences and relationships. Provide a top-level view to help strategists study the landscape as they plan their next social media strategy. In this round, we moved away from the flower-like motif to simplify and focus the landscape. Instead, we narrowed the view to focus on those that are on a path to mainstream understanding or acceptance.
This introduces an opportunity for a series of industry or vertical-specific Prisms to be introduced.

But, as the social web grew, we shaped the refracted light into a circle to help everyday people understand that the days of one audience, one voice, one story were over.
As you can see throughout every iteration of the Prism, the number of networks that vanish and emerge is staggering. This is meant to visualize the fragmentation and distribution of conversations to help brands learn where they should focus. The original message of the series was to encourage organizations to use the search box within networks to learn more about what’s said or not said in each network. At this stage, would making your research unavailable without a price be a detrimental effect for getting the information into the world, or would companies be willing to invest in your research? I’m Ana Asuero, Communications Manager at Zyncro, a flexible Social Business Platform. A few things missing here or there, but overall a really great post that shows the validity & influence of social media.
It let create professional-looking flowcharts based on thousand flowchart templates and examples. Feature-rich flowchart software, free flowchart examples and templates that will allow you to create professional looking flowcharts simply, ConceptDraw flowchart software supports Mac OS X and Windows. Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, procedures and information exchange. Warehouse Flowchart, Business diagrams & Org Charts with ConceptDraw PRO, Pyramid Diagram, Cross-Functional Flowchart, How To Create a Flow Chart in ConceptDraw, Material Requisition Flowchart. ConceptDraw provides a wide variety of examples such as flowcharts, organizational charts, business charts, UML diagrams, database and ERD, directional map, network diagrams and lots more. As you will see, ConceptDraw is very powerful, you can use more than 10000 symbols, examples, and many pre-drawn templates, to create your own spectacular flowcharts, business diagrams, and lots more, effortlessly, and in no time at all. This style displays the central product that is related to the other issues. Using the ready-to-use predesigned objects, samples and templates from the Flowcharts Solution for ConceptDraw PRO you can create your own professional looking Flowchart Diagrams quick and easy. This in turn means we can enhance our users experience by giving them a clean and easy to use site, which is simple to browse and where they can quickly find the resume examples they are looking for. Over the years, it has served as a business tool as well as art decorating the walls and screens of offices, conference halls, and also homes. Additionally, the Conversation Prism is often referred to as a color wheel, but to do so, takes away from it’s the beauty of its design and purpose.
We take this beam of dialog and blast it into a spectrum of discernible light, let’s call it enlightenment, to see, hear, learn and adapt. But more importantly, the nature and focus of how networks are used is also dramatic in its changes.
Pay attention to the center of the graphic as it has a purpose…you’ll see listening there. It was and is about learning, developing relevant engagement strategies and where and how to focus attention. Although we are not mentioned in this last version, we’d be glad to give you all the information needed to be included in the next one. My reaction is to consider the context of eco vs ego (sustainability) and citizen vs consumer.
In June 2011, Google announced the creation of, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! Each solution accommodates 10+ examples that shows specific application cases of a diagram.
It’s not intended to show every network, but instead how the shape of the social web is changing and who the front runners are pushing social media in new directions. Also, with the data exhaust created by social media I think about rising importance of filters for individuals such as the service that provides.
Solution Browser is an application for downloading solutions with examples, templates and stencil libraries. We are moving into an era of context where what we share, how we interact and how we form relationships is moving away from a general social graph to a distributed yet organized network defined by shared interests. As you will see, ConceptDraw is very powerful, you can use more than 10000 symbols, examples, and many pre-drawn templates, to create your own spectacular flowcharts, business diagrams, network diagrams and lots more, effortlessly, and in no time at all. However, the time between versions 3 and 4 signify that it’s difficult to manage the research in between writing books.

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