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Princess Unikitty is a brick-built figure that was released in 2014 as part of the LEGO Movie theme. Unikitty's head is pink, with large printed blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and some white on her face. Biznis (intentionally misspelt) Kitty was Unikitty's disguise used for infiltrating the Octan tower. When Unikitty gets enraged, she loses control of her positive nature and becomes Angry Kitty. When Emmet and his friends hide in the Double Decker Couch after The Submarine breaks apart, Unikitty gets seasick. Princess Unikitty lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land, where she and the Master Builders reside in safe and secret harmony, even though they know it is a matter of time before that ends.
Unikitty is the happy-going spirit of Emmet's oddball group, and thus susceptible to strong emotions. She first greeted Emmet and the gang in Cloud Cuckoo Land and took them to the "dog", which was a temple where the Master Builders were gathering.
Upon the Kragle-izer's destruction, Unikitty is seen celebrating with the group, along with the rest of Bricksburg. Hailing from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capital of rainbows and puppies, she is half unicorn, half anime kitten and one endless dance party. During the scene when the characters board Benny's Spaceship, she can be seen riding in a fitted hole on the roof, with her head poking out.
Angry Kitty's large form bears a strong resemblance to Large Marge's claymation face transformation in the movie, Peewee's Big Adventure; featuring bulging eyes and a waving tongue.

Unikitty's species inspiration may have come from the Caticorn, a similar species of a cat and unicorn hybrid.
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She is one of the two tritagonists (along with Batman) in The LEGO Movie where she is voiced by Alison Brie in the film and LEGO Dimensions and by Jessica DiCicco in the video game adaption. She looks the same as normal Unikitty, but she has glasses, a necktie, and mathematical symbols drawn on her with black marker. Her queasy variant is several shades of green, mostly sand green, with some olive green and light green, as well as some white on the legs and the stud that holds her horn on. Some things Lord Business and Robo SWAT do make Unikitty short-tempered, but she will do anything to help Emmet and the Master Builders stop Lord Business from gluing the world with the Kragle. She feels so strongly for her friends that anything that happens to them she is effected as well.
However, after they were attacked by Bad Cop and the Robo SWAT force, they were forced to escape underwater, much to her devastation in seeing her home destroyed. She is happy to join her fellow LEGO Master Builders in the quest to defeat Lord Business, but she also has a powerful secret.
Her ears are dark pink and she has a light royal blue unicorn horn sticking out of her head.

She has a sickly expression, her eyes are now brown and more squinty and have wrinkles below them, her mouth is now in a squiggly frown, and she has a white tail with green printing. Because of this, she sometimes has a hard time controlling her emotions to "stay positive". She then joined the plan to infiltrate the Octan Tower, disguising herself as Biznis Kitty, until being captured at the last second. vous propose de decouvrir une selection de jeunes femmes sur qui vous ne vous seriez pas forcement retournes dans la rue, transformees en femmes fatales ! Cette fois-ci, ce ne sont plus des actrices porno  mais des jeunes femmes maquillees par un russe. But, when it comes to protecting those she cares about from those doing harm to them, she does not hold back.
Soon the gang escaped, and in the battle of Bricksburg, Emmet was attacked by Micro Managers which made Unikitty angry enough to lose control of her normally happy demeanor. Unleashing her fury on the robots, she provided the distraction needed to help Emmet get to the Kragle-izer.

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