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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This article isn't about how to make a presentation because, in spite of all sorts of presentation training, few are effective. The goal of every presentation is to successfully influence how listeners will think or act. Having a thorough understanding of the audience (who they are, what they’re thinking, what they’re looking for, the problems they face and so forth) is essential in reaching the goal of successfully influencing how they will think or act so they will want to do business with us.
The page-one story in The Boston Globe told of an unemployed 58-year-old man who spent two years job-hunting. By using stories to connect with your listeners, something important happens to a presentation. What follows are the three steps a life insurance agent must take to reach success –– and this is where stories, supported by facts, can help engage listeners. Then, wrap it up, summarizing what you want the listeners to remember about your presentation and, close with a challenge. To make it easy for you, I have added a gist of what I said on every slide in the black rectangular box. Instead, this focuses on how to understand what you're doing when you are presenting, big or small –– to close a sale, to motivate your sales team, to engage your employees on the shop floor, to direct your management team, or meet with your bankers about a new loan for your business –– this is about how to keep your listeners front and center, where most presentations fall horribly short.
They’re never spontaneous, never left to the last minute, and never read from PowerPoint screens. We’re the one on stage, and we’re judged by our listeners not only by what we say –– but by the effectiveness of the performance.

It’s that serious because presentation skills influence the destiny of a business career –– and the advantage goes to the top presenters. Start with asking, “What do I want someone to say, do or think after hearing my presentation?” If you don’t have a clear picture of how you want listeners to respond, they will be confused and dissatisfied.
Nix those about yourself, your company, your job, your dog, your significant other, or your vacation –– unless they’re a good fit for your audience. Trying for a middle management job in the computer industry, he had sent out hundreds of resumes without a nibble. If you don’t write it out, count on forgetting something, missing or messing up a major point or say something you’ll regret. Although many treat presentations rather casually, every one counts and each one is equally important. A presentation gets a focus and comes under your control when you know exactly how you want it to be perceived.
The good news is that listeners want to believe in you as someone who cares about what they care about. If you use them as a roadmap to let the participants know where you’re going, use words sparingly –– one or two on a screen with a graphic or a short video, perhaps. From the get-go, you have no more than 30 seconds to grab attention and make clear what you want to accomplish. Prop up your smartphone, tablet or laptop and video your presentation in three- to four-minute segments (yes, watching may be a bit overwhelming at first). Those who do it best are those who recognize that giving a presentation isn’t what they do; it’s who they are.

Whether it’s a sales speech, management briefing, staff meeting or discussing a concept, plan, or presenting a proposal, it’s all the same –– it’s a presentation and the presenter is on the line. Write down your answer and make it specific so it becomes your built-in GPS as you develop your presentation. This is why pretending they’re looking over your shoulder as you’re preparing it is a good way to think about it, but it also makes it hard work. Of course, it’s work, but the deadly mistake both new and experienced presenters make is cutting corners on preparation, starting with thinking that writing out presentations isn’t needed.
One presenter looked at the audience of 75 or so life insurance agents and said, “Only three of you are going to get rich. There are times when we’re so stuck on going in one direction, we miss the opportunities that are in front of us . No, don’t fret because you can’t hire Scott Pelley or Diane Sawyer (although just watching them in action is an education for presenters).
You’ll be amazed at the improvement, and you’ll hear and see where you will want to make edits to the text.
Because a presentation is always a compromise between what you want to say and what the audience wants to hear.

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