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If you want to create an application for the iPad, you need to create several required and optional icons. In addition, some applications need custom icons to represent custom document types or application-specific functions and modes in navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars. An application icon is an icon users put on their Home screens and tap to start an application. This is a place where branding and strong visual design should come together into a compact, instantly recognizable, attractive package. An icon that appears to float on a visible black background looks especially unattractive on a Home screen that displays a custom picture. If you’re developing an application for ad-hoc distribution (that is, to be distributed in-house only, not through the App Store), you must also provide a 512 x 512 pixel version of your application icon. To enhance the user’s experience at application launch, you must provide at least one launch image. Because users are likely to switch among applications frequently, you should make every effort to cut launch time to a minimum, and you should design a launch image that downplays the experience rather than drawing attention to it.
Every application should supply a small icon that iOS can display when the application name matches a term in a Spotlight search. If your iPad application creates documents of a custom type, you might want to create a custom icon that identifies this type to users.
If you don’t provide a custom document icon, iOS creates one for you by default, using your application icon (including the added visual effects).
Optionally, you can provide custom artwork for iOS to use instead of your application icon. Place your custom artwork within each rectangular space as desired: The artwork can be centered, offset, or it can fill the entire space. If you have a web application or a website, you can provide a custom icon that users can display on their Home screens using the Web Clip feature. If your web content is distinguished by a familiar image or recognizable color scheme, it makes sense to incorporate it in your icon.
To include the icon in your website, name it apple-touch-icon.png (respect lowercase on UNIX based servers) and upload it in the root of your web pages on your server.
As it does with application icons, iOS automatically adds some visual effects to your icon so that it coordinates with the built-in icons on the Home screen.
As much as possible, you should use the system-provided buttons and icons to represent standard tasks in your application.
Before you create the art for your icon, you need to spend some time thinking about what it should convey. If you decide to add a bevel, be sure that it is 90° (to help you do this, imagine a light source positioned at the top of the icon).
The icon you provide for toolbars, navigation bars, and tab bars is used as a mask to create the icon you see in your application.

We introduced a simple homemade iPad case with notebook cover several months ago, but that’s too simple. Apparently The making process of the homemade iPad case is more complex than the former’s. The creator scoochmaroo has listed the steps for making the notebook iPad case on instructables.
The device has a multi-touch interface that brings the user experience to a new level of ergonomics.
The standard bit depth is RGBA 32 bits (8 bits each for red, green, and blue, plus an 8-bit alpha channel). Icons with visible backgrounds look best on the Home screen primarily because of the rounded corners iOS adds.
Avoid including elements that might look different when the application finishes launching, so that users don’t experience a flash between the launch image and the first application screen.
Applications that supply settings should also supply this icon to identify them in the built-in Settings application. If you do not provide this icon, iOS might shrink your application icon for display in search results and in Settings. People can see this icon in different places and contexts, so it’s best when they can instantly recognize it as being associated with your app.
Keep in mind that iOS applies a gradient that transitions from transparent (at the top edge) to black (at the bottom edge).
However, to ensure that your icon looks great on the device, you should also follow the guidelines in this section. The size of the icons on those displays is 57×57, but you do not have to create an alternate version. For a complete list of standard buttons and icons, and guidelines on how to use them, see System-Provided Buttons and Icons (Apple website). If your application supports custom tasks users need to perform frequently, you need to create custom icons that represent these tasks in your toolbar or navigation bar. Strive to create a symbol that most users will interpret correctly and that no users will find offensive.
Aim to balance the overall size, level of detail, and use of solid regions across all icons that can appear in a specific bar.
With WordSalad you can make beautiful word clouds, super customized with different fonts, colors and words layouts. Today Molly’s gonna show us how to make an insanely cool and easy Modern Colour Block iPad Stand.
I cannot wait to try it out myself mostly because I really need an iPad stand for when I cook and this is the coolest DIY stand I have ever seen.
It utilizes a hard cover spiral bound notebook as the shell of the case, two foam cores as the frame, soft fabric for the lining, and some necessary tools.

It’s recommended that applications also provide an icon for iOS to display in Spotlight search results (and, if necessary, in Settings). The file format of Application icons is PNG, color depth is 32 bits (RGB with Alpha Channel). The presence (or absence) of the added shine does not change the dimensions of your application icon.
This is because uniformly rounded corners ensure that all the icons on a user's Home screen have a consistent appearance that invites tapping.
Although it’s important that this version be instantly recognizable as your application icon, it can be subtly richer and more detailed. This icon should clearly identify your application so that people can recognize it in a list of search results or in Settings.
You can create an icon that represents your website as a whole or an icon that represents a single webpage. Similarly, if your application displays a tab bar that allows users to switch among custom application modes or custom subsets of data, you need to design tab bar icons that represent these modes or subsets. In general, it does not look good to combine in the same bar icons that are large, blocky, and completely filled with icons that are small, detailed, and unfilled.
As you can see, the iPad case doubles as a nice iPad stand supporting landscape mode when you flip over the front cover fully.
You can use alpha transparency in the icons you create for navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars.
Also, it’s a good idea to investigate how your choice of image and color might be interpreted by people from different cultures. If you create an icon with a background that disappears when it's viewed on the Home screen, users don't see the rounded corners.
In an iPad application, for example, iOS uses the 512 x 512 pixel image to generate the large document icon, if a custom document icon is not supplied. As soon as it’s ready for use, your application displays its first screen, replacing the launch placeholder image.
Do not use transparency in application icons because the iPad OS will automatically create rounded corners and add a shadow. Such icons often don't look tappable and tend to interfere with the orderly symmetry of the Home screen that users appreciate. The file format of application icons for the App Store is PNG, color depth is 32 bits (RGB with Alpha Channel).

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