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If you're studying kangaroos or want to pay tribute to the hopping marsupial, create a miniature model of a kangaroo at home.
Step 1Place an empty cardboard toilet paper roll on a flat surface, with the flat end of the tube on the table, so that it's standing up. Step 6Paint all of the cardboard pieces brown, or whatever color you want your kangaroo to be. Sex cells, on the other hand, have only half the number of chromosomes of body cells and exhibit enormous variation - no two sex cells are ever the same in spite of human females producing thousands and males about 1,000 per second. Internal fertilisation in aquatic organisms help reduce the number of sex cells that have to be produced.
Terrestrial organisms have no choice - external fertilisation is not possible because sex cells dry out easily. A few aquatic organisms (some flowering plants, dugongs, whales, dolphins) have evolved from terrestrial organisms and have preserved internal fertilisation. The ability of the frog to burrow, to emerge only after heavy rain, to release eggs and sperm in close proximity and to undergo rapid development before the water dries up increase the chances of survival over other species of amphibian (even the invasive Cane Toad) and allow them to thrive where few other vertebrates can. It has benefitted from European settlement because of land clearlng and especially provision of water for stock.

Its unique reproductive biology is important for its success because it allows for rapid repopulation of an area very rapidly after rain and the appearance of new plant growth.
The main advantage of asexual reproduction is that it is fast and efficient - large numbers of offspring can be produced in a relatively short time. Anigozanthus spp (Kangaroo paw) forms a rhizome (similar to a stolon except that it is a horizontal stem with shoots and roots at points along its length - the edible part of ginger is a rhizome).
Many species of Australian native plants propagate from rhizomes, including grasses, sedges and orchids. At left is a photo of a clump of Dendrobium sp (tree orchids) growing near the lower Chandler River near Kunderang. Azolla spp, the water fern also reproduce by vegetative means and commonly compete with Lemna. Reproduction by stolons and lignotubers in Australian native plants has been discussed in 3.6 (above). Ensure you layer on enough paint so that you can't see any of the cereal box's logos underneath. Place the rolled head shape on top of the toilet paper tube body, with the head roll resting flat across the body's top tube opening.

Instead of buying new cardboard sheets from the store, search your recycle bin for pre-used piece of the sturdy paper that you can transform into the animal. Because you'll later be folding this shape in half, sketch the tail twice as wide as you want it to be.
Cut horizontally across the cardboard, creating a strip of the cardboard that's a quarter-inch of the length of the tube. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. Roll the cutout of the tube back onto itself, rolling it into a tighter tube than the original tube. Fold the triangular tail in half, so that the two bottom corners meet and the top point is bent down the center.
Adhere the legs on either side of the body toilet paper tube, so that the tube is elevated in the air.

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