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When it comes to creating incredible presentations with Keynote, nobody does it better than Apple.
KISS stands for ‘keep it simple, stupid’ – a phrase that sums up Apple’s approach to keynotes. To add an effect to any slide, click on it once, bring up the Inspector window then click on the Build tab. Our provides the latest breaking apple news, reviews, tutorials and downloads online and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other iCreate fans. When you pick this file, the presentation will be automatically converted and displayed in the Keynote editor. The same instructions applies if you are trying to open an AppleWorks presentations or a slide created in Microsoft PowerPoint. In the Finder, drag the PowerPoint or AppleWorks document icon to the Keynote application icon.

For example, you can import the slides and then save the work in Keynote 09 (for Mac or iPad) template using the .key file extension. Now, you can reproduce these steps to import any of our PPT templates and convert them to Keynote templates. It has released almost every major product backed by animated text, images and video played out by its flagship presentation software, so it comes as no surprise that it knows a thing or two about creating beautiful slides that really help to get your messages across. Set the description’s effect, find it in Build Order and select Automatically with Build 1.
This drops each character in the text off the bottom of the slide – it’s a great way to show price reductions. However, notice that PowerPoint is widely used and popular and there are plenty of presentations .PPT already created in PowerPoint. Now you can take advantage of the beautiful Keynote transitions and animations and save your work as a Keynote presentation.

In summary, you need to open Keynote, then Opening an Existing File and here you can pick any PPT presentation (created with PowerPoint) and will seamlessly imported into Keynote. Fortunately for us, hours and hours of Apple’s special events have left us with more than a few clues as to how we can make great slideshows in Keynote and we’ve shared some of those tricks and tips for amazing presentations. If there’s one thing that’s obvious from watching any of Apple’s Keynote presentations, it’s that it keeps things simple.
So if you need to convert your PowerPoint presentations into Keynote presentations then here we will explain how-to. Now you can take advantage of the beautiful Keynote transitions instead of PowerPoint transitions. The video uses a PPT sample of a presentation about San Andreas Fault, has 800 miles long, transform boundary and Pacific plate and North American plate, discovered in 1895 by Andrew Lawson.

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