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Intro: How To Build A garden Lighthouse Out Of PalletsA garden lighthouse I made for my garden out of a few pallets, a packet of lollipop sticks and an old garden shed window.
Children are fascinated with lighthouses and their purpose, which is to keep ships safe in storms with a beam of light. Cut a small piece of yellow construction paper and glue it to one end of a paper towel tube.
Encourage the children to be thoughtful in choosing their colors and the pattern for the lighthouse. My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might check things out.
I live in an area where there are many potteries in Turkey Izmir menemen town … I am having them manufacture one piece pot that looks like 4 glued upside down for this lighy housr project.
Herea€™s a cool little project for those of you interested in a nautical theme or looking to put a lighthouse near a pool.

Made from clay pots, over various sizes, a€?stackeda€? and painted to meet your needs and color scheme. If you like the look of clay pots here are 7 Terra Cotta Pot Projects to spice up the garden.
Reading stories and showing photographs of lighthouses to children encourages them to explore color and patterns, which can be incorporated into an uncomplicated cardboard project. For a more creative activity, allow the children to use their imaginations to come up with their own patterns and designs. This craft project using a paper towel roll allows children to use their creativity and to better visualize lighthouses.
However, if a more uniform lighthouse pattern is desired, show the children specific patterns and limit their choice of paper colors and shapes. This guide to making clay pot light houses will make sure everyone can get lots of fun building their own lighthouses out of clay plant pots.

Ultimately I ended up at eHow and a nice step by step tutorial you can follow in case you need a bit of help putting this together. I drew around a 20ltr bucket lid on another piece of board and cut it out using a jigsaw, this was for the top.I then cut a strip 6 inch wide ( on angle ) a cut it down to the desired height for the light housing. I cut out the windows by drilling a large hole in the corners and running a jigsaw from end to end.After i had glued it all together I glued lolipop sticks around the edges of the windows. For the roof I drew around a selections of lids that went down in size and cut them out using a jigsaw.

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