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From authors and designers, to coders and writers – and everyone in between – personal websites are a new concept that is likely here to stay.
For those of us who are self-employed, well known on the internet, or trying to build an online persona, personal websites help us further our career goals and act as a universal “about me” go-to on the web. This is your personal internet billboard, so it should reflect your personality and highlight your work. Share content you’ve written (original or previously published), showcase the creations you’ve been working on, post event videos in which you’re speaking, or just have an elegant way to talk about you, your story, and your background. Personal websites are what you make of them, and there’s really no right or wrong way to go about creating one, but there are some general things you should consider before getting started.
If you’ve been thinking of getting your personal website together, here are some great examples of personal websites that hit all of the right points in making them effective and outstanding in their own right.
Kelsey Klemme is a UX designer from Los Angeles that uses her personal website to showcase her work and to have an easy way for prospective clients to contact her.
One aspect of her personal site that stands out the most is her portfolio and the fact that she outlines her creative process. The man behind the viral video “Single Ladies Devastation,” Carlos Whittaker has a great personal website that focuses on the articles and content he produces. One area of Carlos’ website that works particularly well for a personal website is the testimonials section he has scrolling at the bottom. If you find a very unique way to showcase exactly what you do in a split second for those who visit your site, then do it. Not only is the self portrait well done, her site is organized in a very clean and straightforward manner. If you’re an author looking to create a personal website of your own, Jon Acuff’s website is a great example of how to do it well. Jon’s website in particular is a great example of how to make the design flow with what you’re known for. Some of the highlights of his site includes a very clean and crisp design, a concise but complete about section, and his social media networks.
Personal websites are a great way to showcase you and your career, and are becoming increasingly popular ways to do so. Owner and Creative Director of January Creative in Nashville, Tennessee, Amber has been a self-employed graphic and web designer for over eight years, starting early in her collegiate career.
Of course, you can do some (or even all) of these things using a variety of social networking sites, but none compares to having a site of your own; a site that you are in complete control of. In this tutorial, we’re going to guide you, step-by-step, through the process of creating a website all of your own. It’s easy to change things as you go along:  Adding new images and text to a WordPress site is really easy – so you needn’t worry about a Web designer’s invoice every time you wish to add to your site. The support community is huge: With over six million WordPress sites out there, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll find a problem that someone else hasn’t faced before.
Here at Make A Website, our team have built hundreds of websites, so we know exactly how to make something that works. You will need a small mixture of skills and items to successfully build your site – a list is below. Before you can do anything, you need an address for your website (a domain), and a place to host your website (Web hosting service).
We have produced a very detailed step by step guide to registering your domain and setting up your hosting. If your basic site isn’t yet live, you may need to wait a little longer for your domain information to propagate. The WordPress dashboard is where you control all the content and functionality within your website.

The Frantic theme can be found via this link. It will open in a new tab so you can keep these instructions open. Once you’ve added this content, you should feel confident enough to go forward and add as much additional content as you want or need.
Pages are individual areas of your site, usually accessed through the top or side menu bars. Posts are individual blog posts, that usually appear in reverse date order as visitors scroll down the page. In the screen shot below, the green arrow shows a link to a page, and the red arrow shows a post.
After creating a couple of pieces of content, it should become very clear how to start to build up your site.
You have already installed a WordPress plugin as part of this tutorial, when you installed your contact form.
It makes sense to tell a few friends first, and ask them to alert you to any problems or errors they see. I designed these bike spoke lights for Next Make's engineering seminar for freshmen during the beginning of the year in 2011.
Each bicycle light consists of a laser cut and engraved clear acrylic back plate, a bright LED (in white, blue, or green), a switch, and a battery and holder, and wiring.
For that reason, you must always be sure to update your site whenever you accomplish something. The “process” section of her site helps visitors easily and quickly understand what she does and the process by which she does it. His site is organized well, where you can learn more about his book, speaking opportunities and can contact him without hunting for information. It’s one thing to talk about yourself, it’s quite another to showcase words written from other people about you. Not only are the videos a nice touch, the placement of those videos to make them look like a tablet or laptop is a very unique touch.
Most authors blog along with writing and publishing their own books, so their personal website often has a blog front and center. Jon’s published a best-selling book that has a very distinctive yellow, blue, and black color scheme.
The former CEO of TNW has a stunning personal website that checks off all of the major things you would want to know about Zee.
With these tidbits of info, you can follow more of what he’s currently working on, reach out to him to chat, or just keep up with his updates. If you’re thinking of launching your own personal website, or revamping your current one, the ones above are great inspiration examples to help you get started. Amber has a unique passion for not only all things design, but all things business as well.
Perhaps you wish to display your CV for potential clients or employers, share photos, write about a hobby, or blog during an exciting time of your life?
We will take you through all the basics so you gain the confidence to continue to maintain your site on an ongoing basis. Essentially, it provides you with an admin interface that protects you from the nuts and bolts of the code. You will find endless WordPress support forums to help you, and thousands of developers and experts if you ever need any specialist help or customisation. Click the “Choose file” button, and browse to where you stored the Frantic ZIP file on your computer.
You will notice that both “Posts” and “Pages” have an “Add New” option when you hover over them.

The best thing to do now is to spend some time playing with the features and adding some real content of your own.
The Contact Form settings are really straightforward, although you can unlock a LOT more functionality by paying for the commercial version of the plugin.
Below, we’ve made a few suggestions of other plugins that you may wish to consider installing. Most come with full instructions, but essentially all you need to do to install each one is download it to your computer, then go to PLUGINS > ADD NEW on your WordPress dashboard, and point to the plugin’s ZIP file. This adds floating social sharing buttons to your site, so that readers can share content they like via Facebook, Twitter or similar. If your site becomes popular, it will become a target for spammers, Akismet is a decent free system to stop some of the spam in its tracks. These lights are designed to screw onto the spokes of a bicycle wheel, allowing many to added per wheel (unlike traditional bike lights that screw onto the valve, so only one can be added per wheel). Testimonials carry significant weight, so showcasing them on your personal website is definitely a plus.
A user experience designer, he found a very unique way to show that he’s from the Bay Area by incorporating a zoomable map as the main hero area of the site, complete with clickable UI buttons as well. Both the map and the videos are both very well done and give the user a lasting impression — exactly what he aims for not only on his site but for projects he works on as well. To showcase her work, she designed it so that it feels immersive and is very well put together.
His site works well with this book in that he carries that color theme in other parts of his site as well, even in the main hero image of his site where it is the first thing visitors see when they come to the site. Freelancing as a student gave Amber an opportunity to write a student freelancing book, appropriately named Students Freelancing 101: A Start to Finish Course to Becoming a Student Freelancing, to help other students who want to start freelancing.
The core design is handled by the theme, and the content is organised via an interface that’s only a little more complicated than a word processor.
In this tutorial, we aim to teach you enough to get your basic site up and running, and provide you with sufficient knowledge to keep building up the site day by day.
Then, click “Install now.” You will have to wait a few moments while the file uploads to your Web hosting space. All you need to do for now is choose which email address you would like contact messages to go to. Social networks can prove a huge source of traffic, so this plugin is practically essential! While it may not prevent a dedicated and skilled hacker, it will still stop opportunists from using your site for malicious purposes. The elongated tube extends the length of the light, making a "halo" like effect when the wheel is spun fast enough in dark conditions. Ellen Skye Riley has a picture of herself front and center on her site, but the photo feels very natural, welcoming, and warm. You can either choose your WordPress account (which will be linked to the email account you used for installation) or a completely different account.
Having a great personal picture on your site is important, and Ellen does it every well on her site.

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