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Nearly 200 Free Applications and hundreds of resources to help you get the most out of them!Tools for interactive collaboration, gamification, OER, mobile learning, & so much more!YOURS FREE just for signing up for blog posts! Those who are experienced with some of these functions may find them a bit mundane, but I still remember how cool it was to find and use them for the first time. PowerPoint’s Animation capabilities are an easy way to bring some fun and pizzazz to your slides, with just a few clicks. Again, you’ll want to exercise some restraint here (before your audience puts you in restraints!). By combining Animations and other PowerPoint techniques and functions with a Screencasting tool, it’s pretty easy to create video content that looks professional. You can save a PowerPoint slide as a GIF and then use a program like GIMP to create your own animated GIF!  This Wikipedia entry provides further details (there are other GIF animator programs out there as well).
I love to seek inspiration when starting a new slide deck or animation by seeking out a new template.
Did you know you can have a totally functional Excel Worksheet embedded in a PowerPoint slide? About Kelly WalshKelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester, in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches.
Use the Markers (Mark Areas to Keep and Mark Areas To Remove) to control exactly what to remove and keep. This nice geek boy cartoon character can help to make more friendly presentations to show products or demo about applications online or how to use web 2.0 services.

While many may be aware of some of these techniques, I think most readers will find something fun and new here.
Just click on some content on a slide that you want try an Animation with, then click on the Animations menu.
By using a blank background, or a picture as your background, viewers will have no idea you even used PowerPoint.
There are lots of good free ones available on the Web (there are also a lot of purveyors of templates for a fee, but I have not used any of them). This time we will show you how to prepare a Geek Presentations in PowerPoint 2010 with Vector Characters. Of course you will need to convert the vector to emf in order to be imported to PowerPoint but there is an easier way to add these characters.
The boy cartoon is using a computer and it is like a computer expert or geek (also known as computer guy mascot, geek, nerd, enthusiast, expert, freak, etc). You can download other geek illustrations and vectors for presentations and PowerPoint. Just be sure not to go overboard with these – use them sparingly for emphasis and to keep it interesting, not to create a kaleidoscope of visual chaos. Find the video you want to embed, click the Share link and then the Embed link and copy the Embed code. As an education and instructional technology advocate, he frequently delivers presentations on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. Vector Characters is a resource where you can download vectors for free, including .ai vector for Illustrator and design templates for Photoshop.

Just download the JPG example in the web page and then we will insert it in the slide design.
The basic Motion Paths provided include Lines, Arcs, Turns, Shapes, Loops, and a Custom Path (this is the one that lets you define the path).
Remember, you can tweak things about the Animations, so you may be able to get it to act rather differently and achieve a desired effect. Then, back in PowerPoint, just click the Insert Menu and choose Video, then select Video from Website and paste in the embed code for any YouTube video. Walsh is also an author, and online educator, regularly running Flipped Class Workshops online.
It will keep the white background but with a clever technique we can use the background removal tool to remove this white background and integrate the geek with our corporate identity or PPT background color. Realize that a large format worksheet isn’t going to work well here, but if you create or insert a small functional worksheet, it should be easy to navigate and use.

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