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There are many situations where you are playing a PowerPoint presentation but quickly you need to exit it and change to a desktop program for example to run a demo that is outside PowerPoint environment. Alternatively you can also use a button in PowerPoint 2010 to start presentation from the current slide.
With the advancement of science and technology, PowerPoint scanning is no longer the privilege of traditional computer. The last but not the least important method to help users view PowerPoint on HDTV is to burn PowerPoint to DVD. All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software. We already knew that F5 is a great shortcut (and maybe one of the most used shortcuts) to run PowerPoint presentations. Today we will learn a simple shortcut but very powerful. Or even a worst case scenario where you need to exit your current playing slide (with ESC) and fix a typo. This will start your presentation in the current selected slide in PowerPoint instead of starting from the beginning. As powerful tool in both entertaining and working fields, PowerPoint is now compatible with various devices ranging from smartphone to HDTV.

Therefore, a feasible way for users to play PowerPoint on HDTV is to connect PowerPoint-friendly smartphone to HDTV via HDMI port. Only in this way can users visit YouTube and play PPT on HDTV when Internet connection is available. In this way, users can not only enjoy PowerPoint on HDTV without Internet connection, but also solve the annoying incompatibility issue.
As the process ends, users can view PowerPoint on HDTV by playing the burned disc on HDTV via DVD Player.
Of course, you can start from the beginning if needed, but then you would need to move forward until finding the right slide.
Of course, the HDMI port and the power to play PowerPoint smoothly are the basic requirements for the smartphone. Moreover, when the PowerPoint has been burned to DVD movie, playing PowerPoint on HDTV will turn out to be a real visual feast.
With Shift F5 you can simplify this task and just return back to the slide is currently selected in your editor. For many users, playing PowerPoint on Lumia 920, a born multimedia device, is quite understandable while viewing PowerPoint on HDTV is not.

Moreover, since some HDTVs haven’t been equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, they can only visit YouTube with the help of wireless USB adapters. Of course, to make this method works, users need to find out a perfect PowerPoint to DVD converter like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. After all, Microsoft Office Mobile can better support PowerPoint presentation than Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives like Quickoffice. Of course, as the branches of the HDTVs differ, the branches of suitable wireless USB adapters vary. However, due to the limitations of Office Mobile, PowerPoint is not as fully supported on the mobile as it is on the computer.
Therefore, even though this method provides users a direct solution to view PowerPoint on HDTV, it is quite complicated in operations.

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