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TweetScoop.itA creative touch to any dull and boring presentation can make it interesting and catchy. In order to make your PowerPoint Presentations really appealing, you must try out these five creative presentation ideas which will not only get you that desired audience attention but will also make you stand above the crowd. A dramatic twist will work as a surprise for your audience who was expecting something else from you.
While presenting your thoughts and ideas, don’t forget to highlight the motives of your audience, if you find them less receptive.
So, whenever you need to give a presentation and want to make it the best, make use of these above discussed points. November 16, 2012 by michael Earlier this week my two-year-old daughter was wandering through the house aimlessly, mostly causing trouble because her brothers and sisters were busy and had no time for her. Make a game of finding your limitations–what’s one thing you can do differently on your next presentation? PowerPoint presentations can be somewhat limiting to the creative nature many graphic designers have in creating something that actually resonates with an audience. Pictures are worth a thousand words and if you’re able to incorporate more pictures as individual slides versus constant text in your slides, your message will be more powerful. The power of the metaphor: when used in regular speech it can bring a conversation to life and when used in a presentation it can keep your audience engaged. Don’t be shy in utilizing question and answer in certain strategic parts of the presentation. Millions of families around the world have received farm animals from Heifer International-animals that help them feed their families and become self-reliant.

1.This poster should demonstrate and reflect a deep understanding of the issue, causes and possible solutions. The following are some good examples of posters that use graphics to bring their message across.
The following are some good examples of posters that use graphics to guide the reader through the story.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Gain unprecedented creative control with new expressive features and visual performance improvements in Adobe Flash Player 10.2.
Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in that delivers breakthrough Web experiences to over 99% of Internet users. Get the latest tutorials, information and more about any Adobe cloud solution on Adobe Learn. When you are presenting something before an audience, it has to be in such a way that your listeners feel like listening to you. Keep your listeners fully involved in what you are saying by asking them questions or by giving them time for a group discussion. This increases your listeners’ interest as to why your conclusion was different and they will not leave your presentation until and unless you conclude it finally. In this case you can keep one presentation as a setup and can make use of rest of them for in-depth explanations.
Show them that you understand their concerns and how working together will help in achieving their goals and objectives.

Keeping these creative ideas in your mind will not only provide a new look to your presentation but will also make it interesting for your listeners to sit and enjoy what you are presenting.
If you really want to shake things up with your presenting, try some of these suggestions from John Jantsch over at the Duct Tape Marketing blog: Five Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations.
The usually unpleasant feeling originates in the hypothalamus and is released through receptors in the liver.
Action can take three key forms: influencing public policy, contributing financially, and working directly with poor people.
Adobe TV uses the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) to deliver a superior video experience. View this quick tutorial to discover how InDesign can help you create an amazing presentation. For this you need to organize your slides well in proper order to make things easily understandable.
People enjoy hearing a presenter speak to a slide rather than having to choose between reading bullet points and listening to the presenter. Although an average nourished human can survive weeks without food intake,[1] the sensation of hunger typically begins after a couple of hours without eating and is generally considered quite uncomfortable. You can also use charts, graphs and animations to enhance specific topics in your slides and to present statistical data.

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