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Put on yourA dramatic hat and find some fellow actors and put together a skit, these can be short 10 sec things or long as 5 minutes. Maybe you already lead an Apple-filled life, or maybe you’re looking for a reason to start one? The iPad 2′s dual-core A5 chip and graphic performance is 9x faster than the first iPad. Apple and the iPad 2 have made it a reality for everyone to become an HD video director and at just $14.99 who can pass up that deal. Themes – iMovie allow you to easily set the theme and tone of all your films with a fun-filled batch of pre-sets that give your production a top-end polish. Photos, Music, and Sound Effects – iMovie also allows you to easily add media from your photo library or iTunes library to quickly create a multimedia project for the whole family to enjoy. With features found in products costing hundreds of dollars, Sketchbook Pro is Photoshop for iPad. High Quality Brushes and Tools – With Sketchbook Pro you can pick from more than 60 preset brushes, pens, pencils and markers to make sure you have the right tool at your finger tips and the professional-grade paint engine built in ensures you get the smoothest and most precise brush strokes. Layers – Layers in Sketchbook allow you to import images from your Photo Library or from your Camera to add a few touch ups or maybe make unique compositions. Want to become a music producer? Put a complete music studio in your hands with Apple’s Garageband. Facetime for iPad - Have a brother that’s serving overseas or a sister studying in Australia?

Two Cameras – Unlike some tablets, (like the Amazon Fire which has no camera) the iPad 2 features two cameras, one on the front and one on the back, to allow you to chat face to face or show people the world around you. A This is a fun way toA incorporate yourself or others into being a part of the presentation. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. While most in the editorial world prefer FinalCut, Avid, Adobe and other tools for video management, I do see the occasional task done in iMovie. With intuitive design and lifestyle integration, getting your hands on their products for the first time makes you wonder how you ever lived life without one. Either way, if you don’t own an iPad and are considering a tablet, the iPad 2 is a no-brainer.
All other tablets, app stores and apps are modeled after Apple’s innovations, so why settle for a cheap knock-off?
This video editing app makes it easy to shoot, edit, and share HD video with all of your friends and family.
And if you’re looking for ways to create your own music or more stunning graphic art, Sketchbook Pro and Garageband are two more apps to take your skills to the next level. A three-finger tap brings up a whole control panel and a two-finger zoom allows you to zoom 2500% and that’s not where it ends.
You can also export layers as a Photoshop document to share with a desktop or send to friends to add some touches.

Tap keyboard chords out with just one finger to find your groove or actually strum a rhythm out on an acoustic guitar.
With the iPad 2 and a few powerful apps you can now share those magical moments instantly with friends and family that couldn’t make it to the party. FaceTime allows you to stay connected with friends and family that couldn’t make it home this year. Plus, Apple has made it even easier with built-in Twitter integration on Apple’s new iOS 5. So if you bought Jingle Bells on your MacBook at home you can easily access it on your iPad while at grandmas and get everyone involved with a sing-a-long. Snap a photo on your iPad 2 after opening presents and know that it’ll show up on your MacBook at home.
Multi-Touch gestures are fluid and seamless – unlike other tablets that have clunky interfaces and delayed responses, on the iPad apps load faster than every, and multitasking is a breeze. Facetime comes pre-loaded on the iPad, so all you have to do is click on the app to get started. Thanks to app developers and a growing number of people who want to become an app developer.

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