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Whether you are blogging as a hobby or for business and monetization, a professional feel to your blog is important.
Blogs that are working with companies will especially need to pay attention to these fine details.
If one thing is hard on the eyes, or if a company is unable to navigate quickly through your blog without getting lost, you might lose a business opportunity. There are some websites that offer pre-designed backgrounds and templates, but I stay away from those. When You Feel Like No One Likes You OnlineLife Breath Present3 hours agoDoing something I enjoy brings me plenty of pleasure.
According to Mia Mariu professional make-up artist, Christina Ozaeta, most Latinas are wearing the wrong shade of make-up. Colors for Latinas: Most make-up such as the MAC line is made up of ivory colors with pink undertones. Coordinating make-up with your outfit: You want your make-up to be complimentary, not necessarily matching your outfit. Covering dark under-eye circles: Dab a darker shade of foundation than you're used to under the eyes instead.

Removing make-up at nighttime: Besides always applying sunscreen, the most important thing to do for your face on a daily basis is to remove your make-up completely at nighttime. Enhance Your Portrait Subjects' Looks With Subtle Makeup or Give Them a Beauty Makeover - In Seconds.
Even though these background designs are cute and fun,  it might not be the best idea for the clean, professional look. Mia Mariu is one of few make-up lines designed specifically for Latina women who have largely been ignored by the beauty and health sector. The shape that you have really fits your face, all they have to do is clean them up," Ozaeta said. Most people will put a lighter shade of make-up under the eyes but that looks too unnatural, the darker shade of make-up will blend in with your skin better. If you feel you're ready to start wearing make-up talk to your mom or an aunt for advice on how to apply make-up.
I try to always wear makeup that is not too exaggerated but the dark circles under my eyes are really bad and I always wear a lighter color concealer. Portrait Professional's skin smoothing controls will make the skin look flawless in an instant.

It might look good to you, but those crazy curves could show up different on someone else's computer. While most make-up is designed specifically for women of lighter shades, make-up for women of darker shades are usually made for African-American women. According to Ozaeta: "You just have to create these good habits that are going to last you your entire lifetime and it's going to benefit your face. If they don't wear make-up, ask them to take you to a professional who can teach you how to apply make-up. Latinas, the in-between shade, have very unique undertones in their skin that requires make-up with richer copper and olive undertones. And remember, beauty radiates from the inside, so as long as you feel good about yourself, you will look good.
Learning how to play up your natural radiant features with shades designed specifically for you can make applying make-up less of a hassle.

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