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So living on a rock smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean doesn't really afford me many opportunities to attend conventions that I've read so much about. We finally made it to our destination, Zipline Through Paradise - an 8-line zipline course with each progressing line is longer, faster and more insane than the last. While it's not a big name convention, there's one thing that sets it apart from the SDCC's and WonderCons of the world: How fans interacts with guest stars. Today I made a trip there to one of my lab's outpatient service center to assess the situation to see if we should remain open and to transport equipment back to our main lab. The County and State government are hauling ass to repave and reopen 2 abandoned bypass roads that will provide access to not only the town but also provide access to residents that lives south of the flow.
Last Sunday, some friends and I made the trek to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to do a bit of hiking.
Today it's a mostly dormant shield volcano whose destructive remains covers hundreds of square miles in the form of layers upon layers of lava fields.
I was just a couple of steps from the edge when I took that clip, which wasn't very smart for someone that suffers from vertigo. I'm sorry that there's not enough gaming stuff in this blog, but hopefully that'll change going forward. This was also my first time staying at a hotel that was above a 2-Star, so this was already a win for me!
I explored the resort, took a walk on the beach and pretty much stayed in my room and rested up since I knew I'd have a huge day on Thursday. Being a smaller convention with a more intimate setting, they give the fans a chance to really hang out with celebrities and this being Hawaii, ne given the chance to go on 'adventures' with the stars. Once we got on the first line, our feet would not touch the ground for the next 90 minutes. The guides would tell her to launch off and get into a cannonball position to maximize her speed. A helicopter tour of the island, where we would fly over active lava flows and glide along amazing sea cliffs and waterfalls.. It's much more than photo-op and autograph session; HawaiiCon gives fans the opportunity go on adventures with the stars ranging from snorkeling and SCUBA diving, taking tours around the island, and having dinner with them at a luau. A VERY small group of fans including myself will be ziplining across valleys and waterfalls after which we'll be having a "Hawaiian Style" lunch. The front of the flow is now about 400 yards from Pahoa Village Road, which is "Main Street" of the town.
Smoke was clearly visible and it was eerie to see people still going about their business like nothing's going on (Our service center is part of a shopping complex).

The flow is less than a mile away from Pahoa Village Road, which is the main artery of town and is moving at a rate of 10 to 15 yards per hour.
Today and some 13 miles later, this lava flow has entered the outskirts of Pahoa town on The Big Island of Hawaii.
Just this past August, this very same community was hit hard by Hurricane Iselle and it was only a couple of weeks ago that we had to deal with Hurricane Ana. There were spots where it looked like solid ground, but would then give way collapsing and revealing a pretty good size hole.
And that reminded us that mother nature can be unpredictable and that this mountain we just climbed still could blow at anytime.
I've totally forgotten how to write one of these things, so I apologize in advance if I start to ramble incoherently. I still manage to get some running in after work and sometimes there would be something that would make me stop in my tracks, whip out my camera and take a picture.
What's awesome about this resort is that every single room faces the ocean, so there's no crappy view from the balcony. The bulk of this blog will focus on this first day since this was the most event filled time I've had at the Con.
It was also during this time where I really got to know both Rekha and Magda and where I finally got over being starstruck. Since she's light and tiny, there was a very small chance that she would not make it to the end of a line and the guides would have to come out and get her. The second annual event is taking place this September on the "Big Island" of Hawaii at the beautiful Hapuna Beach Prince Resort.
After that, me and one or two other people along with Dichen will be going on a helicopter tour of the Island where we'll be going over active volcanoes and other places. But not too far from us is where they closed part of the road that is in the direct path of the flow. Pahoa has a population of 1000 people, but it serves as the major hub for the entire district of Puna with a population of 45,000 people.
About an hour later we finally made it to the top where it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I've been coming to IGN for 18 years now, whether it be on the various channels, the IGN Boards or here at My IGN. Over the next year I would put money aside to ensure I would be able get the full experience. They're just regular people who happened to have cool jobs entertaining people in front of a camera.

I thought I was going to blog about my entire Con experience, but this is already getting too long. And just outside of that is the media circus that's been gathered, both local and national. As of October 25, about 50 or so residents have been told to possibly evacuate their homes this they are in the direct path of the flow. I have a lot of friends and family that lives there and while most of them won't be directly affected by the flow itself, they're still looking to get out of dodge since much of what they depend on comes from Pahoa town. The behemoth we were about to climb is called Mauna Ulu, which is Hawaiian for "Growing Mountain" and it stands 4,091ft. Since then, the only other console games I played were the 2 seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead.
First was Aaron Douglas, who is probably best known as Chief Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica. With many more sharing the same sentiment, it may only be a matter of time that this quaint little town full of Aloha turns into a ghost town. At the end of the trail is a panoramic view of other dormant craters, and one very active crater where the lava is currently threatening to overrun a populated town (I'll be blogging about that). The one thing that I noticed the most was how everything looked like climbing Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time reading this and letting me share this with you. Other than posting a blog about the sudden death of my friend Paul Walker last November, I was largely absent from the community that I love. Next came Rekha Sharma, another Battlestar alum who played Tory Foster who was a total sweetheart. My day starts at 4AM and ends anywhere from 4 to 8PM Monday through (every other) Saturday. Then lastly came Magda Apanowicz, who played Lacy Rand in Caprica, the BSG prequel series and more recently Emily on Continuum. Anywhoo, I know there are infinitely better mobile games out there, so let me know about them!

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