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An APA paper includes a number of standard parts, although some projects do not require all the parts. The title should be centered vertically and horizontally on the page and include the (a) title of your paper (or assignment name), (b) your name, (c) the course title, (d) professor’s name, and (e) the date the draft was submitted (making sure to change this date when submitting the final draft). Not all writing assignments require abstracts, but they are often expected for longer papers. Provide a heading for the page: Center the word Abstract at the top (no bold, italics, or colon after).
Left-align the paragraph, leaving a “ragged” right edge: Use your word processor’s Paragraph settings, omitting indentation for the first line.
Use the same margins and spacing as the rest of the document: Double space with 1-inch margins. Use the same running page header as the rest of the paper: The Abstract will always be page 2. Right-justify or hyphenate the document; instead, leave a “ragged” right edge for the text. While the settings discussed in Section 3.1 provide the basic guidelines for the body of the paper, keep in mind that some parts of the paper require special formatting, including changes in paragraph indentation, font, and alignment.
APA section headings: APA document format encourages the use of section headings within longer papers. Fourth level headings are left-aligned, indented, italicized, bold, and ending with a period.
You probably will not have much need for third- and fourth-level headings, unless writing a paper more than 10 or 15 pages. Indent block quotations an extra half inch from the left margin: This is also achieved with the Paragraph settings (see more in Section 2 above).
Use the same margins and spacing as the rest of the document: Double-space with 1-inch margins. Appendices can be used in papers for a variety of purposes, but their main function is to provide fuller information about some source or observation discussed in the body of the paper. In this lesson, historical letters help you help your students do some real-world writing. If the class can access technology in small groups, students can search for letters on specific topics of special interest, or letters written by specific individuals who have been or are being studied by the class. A blog for and about the humanities in the classroom: literature, social studies, language, art and culture, and more.Take Me There! Nurses are in high demand, but you still must remember that to get an interview for the nursing job of your choice, you'll need to convince the hiring manager where you want to work that not hiring you would be a huge mistake.
Remember, your nurse resume must reflect who YOU are, so while you can use sample resumes like the one on this page as a guideline, the content must be accurate and descriptive of you. One of the things that's most important to remember when writing your nurse resume is your nursing skills. Healthcare employers want to know that the nurses they employ have the right skill set to provide safe, effective patient care.
TIP: Once you click the link above (which will open in a new window), scroll to the bottom of the first screen, click on "Career Advice", then look at the left navigation bar and find "HealthCare" under "Targeted Advice." You'll find all sorts of great advice! Paint a picture of what you have to offer by highlighting your specialty, level of experience and other credentials in a solid qualifications summary or resume objective at the top of your resume. Next, include a "key skills" or "expertise" section, with bulleted skills, specialty expertise, or other unique qualifications in standards compliance, staff education, case management, etc.
Provide a detailed work history, where you include the type of unit or facility you worked in (not just its name), your caseload, and any relevant accomplishments. From Our Visitors:"I just love when I need to learn things and go on a site like yours that makes everything so simple.
The Chicago Manual of Style has two methods of documentation, the humanities style (notes and bibliography) and the author-date style. A year and possibly an exact date, a month, or a season, appears in parentheses after the volume or or issue number.
The volume number follows the journal title without intervening punctuation and is not in italics. Citations are listed in notes (footnotes or endnotes) and can be included in a bibliography. Tomkins, Calvin and Andrew Forge, Off the Wall: Robert Rauschenberg and the Art World of Our Time. I don't know how the cuffs are supposed to move, or if they are, but if you want the stiffness in the picture, you could use interfacing, like a featherweight? I guess the reference picture doesn't show her hands very well, but she's not wearing gloves. Measure from your wrist to your elbow, figure out what length will look like the right proportion to get her cuff length (algebra is optional, I'd just wing it).
Take a piece of paper and carefully draw out a rectangle using the two numbers you arrived at. Cut two layers of fabric (inside & outside) and a layer of medium inner facing for EACH cuff.
Mark three spots for button holes on EACH end of your cuff (so twelve all together, six button holes per cuff).
Grab a scrap of your fabric, a couple layers thick and run a test button hole with whatever set up your machine requires to do button holes.

Acquire some tiny jump rings, the jewelry section of your local craft store should suffice. EDIT: I attached a picture, on top is a couple of button sets like you need, these are vintage but the idea is the same.
They sound a lot easier than what I was seeing online where it had to go in on one side or something. Abstracts are not the same as introductions, which generally introduce readers to the main thesis of the paper by providing an interesting and informative context.
However, if you are required to include an abstract, begin on a new page, with the word Abstract at the top (no bold or quotation marks). In fact, APA provides specific headings to use for empirical studies, which should have the following main sections: Introduction (not actually given a heading), Method, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. The word References should be centered at the top of the page (do not bold, italicize, underline, or use quotation marks). The contents of appendices generally include either more detailed analyses or extra data, from graphs and tables to survey questions or interview transcripts. Activity 1 provides context and motivation about letter writing in general; Activity 2 provides background on letter writing conventions. Groups can report to the class on the content of the letters and how they reflect the events or individuals involved.
A powerful nurse resume will not only help you to land the job you want, it can help you get a promotion and also command higher salaries.
Either in a special section or within your work history, spell outa€”using action verbsa€”how you went above and beyond your job duties to make a positive contribution. Include any relevant inservice or certification training, in addition to your nursing degree. If the bibliography includes all works cited in the notes, the note citations can be shortened. Calvin Tomkins and others, Off the Wall: Robert Rauschenberg and the Art World of Our Time (Garden City, Doubleday, 1980), 275-286. Randall Chris Kurzweil, "Generating Visual Art" (US Patent 7,098,917 filed January 22, 2002). Hamilton Arthur Zucker, "Where are Today's Leonardo's?", USA Today, June 3, 2009, first edition. This will be even more simple than putting a French cuff on a blouse because you don't really need to attach it to anything, wear it like a bracelet.
The ends of the cuff go flat against each other, not curled in like a regular shirt cuff, thus allowing your pretty cuffs to look the same from both front and back.
I hadn't even though of making the buttons visible from both sides, that's a fantastic idea. All Rights Reserved.All comments and posts in our forums are the opinion of the respective poster. By contrast, an abstract will present a brief description of how the thesis or main claim is demonstrated in the body of the paper.
Unless you are a psychology major, most of your papers will use other headings more appropriate for the paper you have been assigned.
When allowed, you are generally encouraged to take advantage of APA section headings for papers more than three or four pages. While you may never have cause to provide an appendix, some instructors may require them in order to document primary research, since such sources are not generally accessed through the type of information appearing on the References page. How would you feel if your old letters were resurrected and made public by a historian or archivist? Start with these lessons the next time your students have the opportunity to write a letter to a genuine audience. Using American Memory or The Digital Classroom's Digital Copies Search engine, for example, students can search using the word "letter" and the name of a historical figure or event. I AM a nurse and as a health care administrator for a growing home health care agency, I recruited hundreds of nurses!
I have extras from the ones I sewed onto the jacket, and they are shank buttons like the ones you showed there. Use all the standard formatting guidelines (double-spacing, etc.) discussed above—but do not indent the first line of the abstract, like you would most paragraphs.
As you determine the appropriate section labels, note the standard formatting for headings indicating new sections or subsections.
Be aware also that your instructor or the assignment itself may direct you to use specific headings reflecting the aims of the genre of paper you are writing. Then use the appropriate lesson from the rest of the lesson to get students started on their letters.Each of the other activities in this lesson(3 through 10) is about a specific kind of letter, such as a personal letter or an invitation.
See also the list of other sites containing letters in the list of EDSITEment-reviewed websites. Usually only the body pages count, however, when determining whether a paper meets an assignment’s required length in pages or word count. When you do not use those headings to arrange material in the body of your paper, you will likely have points deducted from the grade of the paper. Use the same page header as the main body of the paper, including a short title and page numbers. What purposes for your letters would we uncover?Through the vast online resources available from EDSITEment, you and your students can read the correspondence of the famous, the infamous and the ordinary, some of whom lived through extraordinary times.Use these fascinating letters as a starting point for discussion of and practice in the conventions and purposes of letter writing.
Your school library undoubtedly contains biographies (and perhaps autobiographies) covering the childhoods of historical figures.

Details about each reference are listed in the References or Works Cited page, by: Author's last name. And because of the pictures Naiagu provides i was able to find out that the cuff is called a french cuff, and was able to search more references as to what they really look like. The heading centered at the top of the first page of each appendix should include the word Appendix, and, when more than one is provided, a capital letter distinguishing each one (which should be used when referring to the appendix in the body of the paper).
Rather than proceeding through all the lessons one after another, you may wish to choose individual activities (in any order and at any time during the year) as the appropriate occasion arises. Students may be interested in comparing the information they find there with the autobiographical details they can discern from letters.
I couldn't find any tutorials or anything for it, but now I have a better idea on how to proceed.
The appendix material itself should be formatted like similar material appearing in the body of the paper.
For example, if an opportunity for writing a thank you note arises (perhaps after a special guest has made a presentation to your class), use Activity 5. Students can develop stories of historical fiction around a letter or series of letters, such as the slave letters available from the EDSITEment-reviewed Documents of African-American Women.
When you are going to use a particular lesson, bookmark or download any materials you need to use with your class. Fiction can also be written in the form of letters from characters in a book your students have read. The Law of the Letter Pass out to your class a selection of letters such as those listed below, none of which is used elsewhere in the lesson (you can also use any of the letters listed throughout the unit). This letter can be found in the Library of Congress site in the American Treasures collection, a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed American Memory. Click on Additional Views for page 2.Post card from Mabel Hubbard Bell to Alexander Graham Bell, July 30, 1876. From the EDSITEment-reviewed The Digital Classroom.Congratulations from Edward Everett to Abraham Lincoln for the Gettysburg Address. Everett was generous in his congratulations, as his two-hour speech, delivered prior to Lincoln's, was eclipsed by the President's two-minute speech. The Library of Congress' American Treasures collection includes an image as well as background information.Letter written by Pliny's son to the historian Tacitus about the eruption of Vesuvius, accessible through a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed Pompeii Forum Project.
This letter might also be useful if your class studies volcanoes.)Registered letter from Hull, England, from Houdini to theater managers, announcing his new trick, escaping from a water tank.
The letter is from the American Memory collectionAfter students have had a chance to look over the letters, encourage discussion. Can anyone figure out the purpose of any of the letters (for example: declining an invitation, congratulations, a thank you)?
As you work through the following letter-writing conventions, write each on the chalkboard or chart paper for future reference.Could everyone locate the name of the sender (even if they couldn't read it)? Do any of the letters NOT have the date?Does each letter have a greeting or salutation (the "Dear X" part of the letter)? The address to which the letter was sent was obviously on the envelope, why does it need to be here?How is the letter formatted? Getting PersonalSometimes we write to someone simply because we can't speak to that person for one reason or another. Distribute copies of a letter from Theodore Roosevelt to his son, available through a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed American Memory (background information, the first page and second page are included.) Why did President Roosevelt write this letter?
Roosevelt attended to his duties for the Civil Service in Washington.) Why did he include pictures? Roosevelt follow?If the class is associated with a younger class (reading buddies, for example), students could, like Roosevelt, write picture letters to their young friends. Either the teacher or the class should decide what conventions will be obeyed for this writing assignment.Activity 4.
It killed at least 300 people, left 90,000 homeless, and destroyed about $200 million worth of property.
One witness to the fire was a young boy named Justin, who would have been, at that time, about the same age as your students.Distribute copies of the letter Justin wrote to his friend Philip, October 19, 1871. The EDSITEment-reviewed site The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory offers both background information and a digitized letter and transcript.What happened to Justin that day? How do you think Justin would feel to know people are reading his letter more than 100 years after he wrote it? What would you have written back to Justin if he had been your friend?Students could try writing such a letter.
Or, they can write a letter to a friend when something extraordinary happens at school, such as a field trip or a visit by a dignitary.Activity 5. Click on the image for access to the entire document in a larger version.Read the letter aloud.
Kennedy (friendly, informal)?Students can write thank you notes when appropriate (for example, if they receive gifts from a visitor or another class).Activity 6.
Compliments and CongratulationsWhen someone accomplishes something extraordinary, it is customary for friends and relatives to send a letter of congratulation. Pass out the transcript and image of a letter written by Owen Lovejoy to Abraham Lincoln, June 10, 1860.

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