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This elegant hairstyle is perfect for a night out, a romantic date, a special occasion or an evening event. Directions: Divide the hair into two parts so that at the top should be less hair than at the bottom.
As a bonus, Cake Journal (another gorgeous site I’ve loved a long time!) has perfect video showing how to quickly make ribbon roses. Once dry, use your roses and leaves to decorate cupcakes or cakes (sneak peek of a cake below that I’ll share more pictures of later this week).
Glory, darling, even that you don’t know me, I am always thinking about you, how do you look like, what do you do in your day, how do you work at the kitchen, how do you take photos for your masterpieces, I even think about your husband and your daughter !

Give a bouquet of flowers that is made out of dollar bills (or fives,  tens, twenties, fifties or more). I made super tiny ones last week and had solo much fun making them and putting them on dark chocolate cupcakes — the chocolate makes the red POP! Don't know how Bakerella wouldn't know you exist, as I think you are right up there with her! My cupcakes took a major leap forward since I watched your step-by-step on how to frost cupcakes. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.

Now, start making two French braids with the bottom hair, one on the left side and one on the right part.

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