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Tissue paper pomanders have become a wedding mainstay over the last few years, showing up just about everywhere you look. Brandon-that site is tradgang-cool site, family friendly and very helpful folks like it is here. The 3d target archers refer to these as broom handles just to wind up the "fat arrow boys", all in good fun you understand.
The Standard Arrows are very heavy, but you will be surprised how light some of the points are. The Type 16 that most people will recognise with the small barbs and heavy point was only 14 grams. So after the glue-up I used a bandsaw to cut out the general shape of the bow and the rough limb thickness taper. One thing I don't quite have a feel for since this is my first d-shaped bow is tillering to the final draw weight.

While I still love them, I think it’s time we make room for their updated counterpart, the crepe paper flower pomader. I’m usually not a huge fan of paper poms, but these look like beautiful colored roses. I actually got into knives after finding a sub forum on a traditional archery site where I got help making my first bow. His name is Hector Cole, he makes forging arrow points look easy but that is just a testament to the mans skill.
Owen and I had the opportunity a few months ago to have a look at some genuine arrow heads at the Museum of London.
I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to brace the bow and tiller with a shorter string. I think the issue is that I need more wood to take off along the belly to round things out more..

I just got it up on the tiller tree and my 'rough' shaping with the grinder followed by draw knife has gotten it very close.
They’d be perfect as decor, for flower girls or the flowers could even be used to create budget-friendly DIY centerpieces. Tigerwood is a wood very similar to ipe and is also used as decking and can sometimes be found at local builder's suppliers. A friend makes custom long boards with a LOT of flex in them with that stuff and it holds up amazingly well. Once the bow is rough profiled and you are getting some movement in the limbs by 'floor tillering'..

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