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How to make a bow for your homemade gifts with these amazing DIY bow instructions.  These ribbon and bows are perfect for birthdays, showers, and Christmas gifts!
The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 90 How to Make a Bow pictured tutorials and free patterns on how to make! Also, don?t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page for even more crafts, activities for kids, creative ideas, and free tutorials. For more free tutorials, craft, holiday, printables and DIY projects sign up for Tip Junkie's email with new How-To projects daily! It's a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for.

Make sure the loops are even and are how you want them.Also make sure the top of the ribbon folds toward you when you start to loop the thread around the ribbon.
Then just wrap your thread around the bow as normal, tightening until there is no more give.Cut your ends and seal with your preferred method. Just follow all the previous steps to finish it.These bows are so easy to make and you can add them to anything such as crafts, scrapbooking pages, cards, or cute little girls. Seen on the catwalks of Milan and Paris, this piece will look stunning with big waves or sleek ponytails. This 'Heidi' headband showcases playful lace-covered bear ears set on a chic grosgrain covered band.

Available in black (with circular pattern) or royal blue (with floral embroidery) lace covered wire bear ears.

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