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Children will enjoy inventing new combinations of shapes and stories, so print and cut out plenty of these to start with. My kids are always begging me to make fun things with them, and because I'd much rather they be getting creative than sitting in front of the TV, I love to appease their requests. What I appreciate most about these is that they are very inexpensive and almost all of them can be made with supplies you probably already have on-hand! Paper plates are a must have for any summer camp, preschool or even home craft supply closet.

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Make fun shapes and patterns with children – you can play with these as you would with simple wood blocks, but!
I hope that the extra plates from summer BBQ, church picnics and cookouts can be used to make something fun.
What a great round-up, especially for those of us who can't go play outside yet (like me, the rain always shows up just in time for the weekend).

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