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After almost two-and-half years, it is with great pleasure that I officially unveil the fourth edition of The Conversation Prism. For those unfamiliar with The Conversation Prism, it is an evolving infographic that captures the state of social media, organized by how important social networks are used by professional and everyday consumers. With research beginning in 2007, the original Conversation Prism debuted in 2008 as a visual map of the social media landscape. It is provided as a free download in many sizes and shapes here including a wall-sized poster! The Conversation Prism is important because it is the ONLY research-driven map that explores the evolution of the social web dating back to the rise of social media.
The Conversation Prism was designed to help strategists see the bigger picture in the evolution of social media beyond the most popular and trendy sites. Each shade of color represents an entirely unique reflection of light, meaning separating context and intention by network.
Original designs refracted the light of conversations vertically, like so many traditional prism images you see. The Conversation Prism is available as a poster for $20 or as a free digital download in a variety of resolutions and sizes.
Like the first one, this will also be printed and hanged from a special place on a wall on our Social Media Agency! These sorts of graphics make great presentation title pages, but I am not sure they help people understand social media – it just confuses them. Another thing to consider is that each network represents its own culture in how they’re used, why and how people also behave within them. I guess I remain uncomfortable with the idea that you define conversations more by the network or channel they sit within rather than by the subject. Brian, Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together and then to share it with others.
I’m curious as to whether your initial motives to provide an in-depth resource and analysis of social media and networking to be used freely for individuals and companies (aside from the $20 fee for an actual poster) is still the driving factor behind the prism for you. Is it possible to re-use the conversation prism in my blog (It is mentioned as free to republish). Social psychology network, Welcome to social psychology network, one of the largest internet sites devoted to psychological research and teaching.. Start free forum, social network, social, Forumer is a universe of free social networking communities united by people and their passions. Create amazing custom social network – community software, Create amazing custom social network socialengine create social website online community. The invention of social networking changed the way humans, businesses and organizations communicate and relay information.
Twitter has 554,750,000 active registered users, with 135,000 new users signing daily publishing 58 million tweets every day.
Each social network has its advantages and disadvantages but many of them can be instrumental not just in staying connected, but in job search, navigating your career, and building a personal brand, whether its for an individual or a business. Be strategic and selective when choosing who to “friend”, follow, and connect with, and don’t just accept a request to connect from anybody. People who use the internet regularly across the world have crossed more than two billion and it is a huge market, which is waiting to be tapped.
Get your website signed up with the latest and popular online directories so that your site gets free promotion in an efficient way. Choose forums related to your business and sign up with them because forums offer free promotions.
Create press release by preparing good contents, which focuses on promoting your website and send it to your network of friends, family, ezine sites and other media sources so that it is spread out and traffic increases to your website. Ensure that you produce high quality and relevant articles and submit it to the right audience in the web by focusing on the area of your expertise. How To: Make a Business Card with Social Networking InfoSocial networking has become more than just sharing funny cat videos with your friends.
Given the importance both business cards and social networking have for striving professionals, here are a few tips to help you make a business card with your social networking information front and center. Your social media info should be written clearly and placed somewhere where it will be easy to spot.
Social networking icons are easily recognizable because they provide a strong hook for the viewer. You didn’t include your social networking info just to have people stare at it, did you?

Kristi and the team order print jobs from every major printer to test quality, value, customer service, and more.
Viewed and downloaded millions of times over, The Conversation Prism in its various stages has captures snapshot of important moments in the history and evolution of Social Media. It was created to serve as a visual tool for brands to consider unforeseen opportunities through a holistic lens. Years and four iterations later, it remains an ongoing study in digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life. As a form of validation to show executives that social media is not a fad and that it’s bigger than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.
To motivate teams to find new ways to think about social media and explore new ways to improve experiences and relationships.
Provide a top-level view to help strategists study the landscape as they plan their next social media strategy.
In this round, we moved away from the flower-like motif to simplify and focus the landscape. Instead, we narrowed the view to focus on those that are on a path to mainstream understanding or acceptance.
This introduces an opportunity for a series of industry or vertical-specific Prisms to be introduced.
But, as the social web grew, we shaped the refracted light into a circle to help everyday people understand that the days of one audience, one voice, one story were over.
As you can see throughout every iteration of the Prism, the number of networks that vanish and emerge is staggering. This is meant to visualize the fragmentation and distribution of conversations to help brands learn where they should focus. The original message of the series was to encourage organizations to use the search box within networks to learn more about what’s said or not said in each network. At this stage, would making your research unavailable without a price be a detrimental effect for getting the information into the world, or would companies be willing to invest in your research?
I’m Ana Asuero, Communications Manager at Zyncro, a flexible Social Business Platform. A few things missing here or there, but overall a really great post that shows the validity & influence of social media. The all too popular social network Facebook boasts 1.11 billion monthly active users as of March 2013 and 655 million daily active users according to its newsroom page.
Put forth the effort and each of your social media accounts will produce more connections and tips that could lead to a never-ending stream of opportunities. There are numerous social networks to choose from and while I am active on several social networks, my main three are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. On my social media pages I’m connected to family and friends and I follow several celebrities on their pages as well. In social networking, I have seen it all: the “I’m bored” posts on Facebook, the “I wish it would stop raining,” tweets. Wright is a legal assistant the law firm of Mattingly & Nally-Martin, PLLC in Lebanon, Kentucky.
Business houses and individuals have realized the true potential of social networking sites and are finding out ways to make money through these platforms through internet marketing.
Your website should be well designed with the right message so that the directories accept it.
Post contents regarding your website and company in every post, which is a sure way of attracting visitors to your site. Try to add the link to your website when you have direct conversation to the audience so that they will pass it on to their circle of friend, which in turn will increase traffic to your website. Most people check their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile every day in order to stay updated on the latest news in their industry. If you can fit these icons in your design, use them to direct attention toward your social information. Make them want to visit your profile, make it rewarding for people to connect, and make it easy to understand. Even people who don’t care about social networking may be interested in what you do and may have a use for your skills or promotions.
Always include your email address and the URL to your website, if the site is connected to your business. I have my handles on my card, and you don’t get an overwhelming amount of contact from them, but I have received a few new followers and such from handing my cards out which presents a new opportunity for free.

Over the years, it has served as a business tool as well as art decorating the walls and screens of offices, conference halls, and also homes. Additionally, the Conversation Prism is often referred to as a color wheel, but to do so, takes away from it’s the beauty of its design and purpose.
We take this beam of dialog and blast it into a spectrum of discernible light, let’s call it enlightenment, to see, hear, learn and adapt. But more importantly, the nature and focus of how networks are used is also dramatic in its changes.
Pay attention to the center of the graphic as it has a purpose…you’ll see listening there.
It was and is about learning, developing relevant engagement strategies and where and how to focus attention. Although we are not mentioned in this last version, we’d be glad to give you all the information needed to be included in the next one. My reaction is to consider the context of eco vs ego (sustainability) and citizen vs consumer.
I also follow and have connected with many individuals whom I consider to be my “career idols”—fellow writers, successful journalists, authors and others in areas of media and law. She is also a freelance writer who has written for several publications including Glass Heel.
Most of the people do not know that they can market their business through the internet free of cost and get excellent traffic to their site using these free methods. How to make money online with social networking and Internet marketing free of cost is getting easier day by day with new strategies being implemented. Remember some people aren’t savvy with social networking, so make it easy for them to figure it out on their own.
Even if your Internet presence is very limited at the moment, you will find it beneficial to include it on your card. It’s not intended to show every network, but instead how the shape of the social web is changing and who the front runners are pushing social media in new directions.
Also, with the data exhaust created by social media I think about rising importance of filters for individuals such as the service that provides. If you want social networking to work for you, try posting positive messages and material that shows your depth and passion.
Hillary graduated from Campbellsville University in 2010 with a bachelor of science in Mass Communications (Public Relations emphasis) and a 2nd major in English. How to make money online with social networking and Internet marketing needs certain strategies if people want to be successful in their endeavors. We are moving into an era of context where what we share, how we interact and how we form relationships is moving away from a general social graph to a distributed yet organized network defined by shared interests. If you are in the middle of a job search, discreetly let them know by reaching out to them and inquiring about their career. As many know, I am obsessed with journalism, law and women in the workplace, and the occasional book or film review. In order to be successful on the internet you have to be very friendly and sociable when you use free promotion methods because more friendly you are with people the more they can help to get your site linked in many places. I vowed to stay away from it while I was in college, for certain reasons, but now I enjoy seeing all the exciting announcements and photos. People, even work acquaintances and potential employers want to see that you have a life outside of work. However, the time between versions 3 and 4 signify that it’s difficult to manage the research in between writing books.
One of my former high school English teachers who I keep in touch with noticed my posts about women in the workplace and connected me with one of her friends who had a friend who had recently started a magazine about women in business. That friend connected with me and then connected me with the publisher of that magazine with the idea of the possibility of me collaborating with her in a piece for her publication. I also have had other friends offer recommendations and advice based on what I include on my social media pages. So don’t be afraid to push the envelope by posting that interesting article, interview, news video, or speech.

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