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Students will use body language and verbal skills to effectively communicate information to an audience. Since an audience will hear a lot of information, it helps to organize a speech into a pattern. Students need to create an outline containing all the important points the speaker wishes to present. Attention grabber: A statement, quote, fact, or question that catches the audiencea€™s attention. Review main points: Restate the main points of your speech so the audience remembers the important parts. Students should use one 3x5 inch index card to write notes to help them deliver their speech. Students will be randomly called on to sign up for one of three days in which speeches will be presented. You can make your Mac talk to you in various different ways and even speaking with different voices, all by using the powerful built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X. Do note that the say command will speak the entire command unless it has been halted by hitting CONTROL+C together to end the speech engine.

Why does it that when I paste something or have it read my email does it not stop to breath between periods? I am not blind but at the moment I want to have a webpage read out and I have to say opening the terminal, typing say and then pasting the contents of the webpage or doing similar with textedit seem like far too much trouble.
I would have imagined if it does not have a simple shortcut to start it then it is not fit for purpose; that does not sound like Apple. Easier still Harry, if you open system preferences and go into the speech settings, you can turn the hotkey on. Yes, going beyond just making the Mac talk like this, you can control a Mac by voice commands. The article here is about making the Mac speak onscreen text, mostly like reading a web page or book to the user, but that is just half the equation for a situation like what you are looking for.
We’ll also show you how to change the voices used, and the rate of speech (meaning, how fast the words are spoken). The terminal is a bit more powerful than the standard text-to-speech engine though, and you can easily specify a new voice by using the -v flag, followed by the voicename as it’s labeled in OS X. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
With the full enhanced dictation feature set enabled, you can even create your own dictation commands and actions.

Add a little fun by providing your speech students with clothespins and having them clip the mittens together.
This allows the student to quickly organize their thoughts and easily make changes to the structure as needed. A screen reader, or in this case it is called Voice Over, takes the text from programs and then runs it thru the engine.
Under no circumstances should a student ever write in complete sentences or write out their speech on the index card. I have tried Zoom text but the point size has to be so big that if you don’t remember what the screen layout is then you will struggle.
I would like to get her a Mac but not sure if she will be able to do everything by voice command.

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