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Watch and download videos for sermon illustrations, announcements and teaching for use in your church, small groups, or other event. Read and preview scripts that you can download and perform for your church, school, youth ministry, or other event.
We made these for my daughter's luau themed birthday party at the local indoor poor (December birthday) and they turned out fabulous. Just did this for our VBS~ Great idea~ I also tried it with a round plastic table cloth over umbrella. Take your knife and cut the top and the bottom off each pineapple, leaving a flat surface on each end.
Drive the first skewer half way into the top of a pineapple, proceed with two more skewers placing them 1 inch apart for a total of three.
Insert the plant into the top of the highest pineapple and make sure the foliage is evenly distributed around the top of the pineapple. Electronic junk has always been an issue that is how to recycle the things that are thrown out of market and homes in this rapidly evolving technology that gets revolutionized day by day.
It is hard to stop yourself from buying those products packaged in lovely glittery outfolds when you see them at the store, but what happens when you take them home and are done with the products?
Books are conveyors of knowledge, but practically speaking, there is no place in your house for the magazines you have already read, someday they are going to be recycled anyway. These water bottles are arranged as a Christmas tree with a white light inside, making it a bright illuminated Christmas tree with the milky light giving it a miraculous look that is worth shining in your backyard this vacation.
When it comes to creativity, the cardboard is way convenient than any other mediums to express your imagination. I’m a traditional kind of gal but I have to admit, seeing the creative things people do with their Christmas trees this time of year really makes me want to try something unique.

Scrunch first one all the way to the bottom of the roll and staple it so it won't fall off. Your base for that is an umbrella - people have lots of them lying around and are glad to give them to you.
Be careful not to mash the pineapple, especially if you will be using the meat for decorative purposes. Take the next pineapple and place it on top of the skewer and drive it down until the pineapples are directly on top of each other.
Keep more solid foods up against the pineapple tree and the lighter foods around the edges. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. It is that time of the year when we wait for the gifts, food, lights and most importantly the Christmas Tree! Old ATA hard drives that are just out of fashion these days could be a big problem to dispose for an ordinary electronic store owner, but for this man it is all about creativity.
Instead of sending them to junk, you can plan to make a Xmas tree out of them, and these colorful cardboard pieces can still be the eye candy at your Xmas weekend. You can truly make this Xmas truly memorable with your all used up electronic stuff mounted and shining with the bright LED lights.
You’ll be amazed with the view of those colorful glass bottles put together as a Christmas tree, put those green bottles in a bright area and just enjoy the scenery of this awesome xmas tree. But, things can get more exciting when you pick them to make your christmas tree this year, and you can just see how unique your tree will look.
The furniture store owner decided to make his christmas tree out of those scrap wood pieces left after furnishing and turning them into a masterpiece structure, a tall wooden xmas tree.

The colorful cutouts you can create for your christmas tree can be as amazing as you can imagine when you put them together. But did you know there’s a whole segment of people who make Christmas trees out of books? You can only imagine how creative and versatile you could be when you decide not to throw out the stuff you have used up, but instead use them to make your wonderful Christmas tree. This family chose to create the Xmas tree with their used up mountain dew cans all this year and you can see how cool it is to see the lights shining on those green shiny metal cans. These cute litle xmas trees are made by colored cardboard with a touch of origami, giving it both an artistic and classy look at the same time. Then attach those to the umbrella from the top with some sort of packing tape or duct tape. Packaging cardboard, plastic and metal stuff can be easily molded to make some beautiful architectures, and the structures you make could be even more exciting.
Make a roll of tape (or use double stick tape), attach to the plastic knob on the top and stick the leaf there. After you have the fullness (may take 8-10 leaves) you desire, staple the leaves to the fabric of the umbrella.

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