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Make-up artists have warned against the risks of counterfeit designer cosmetics that are flooding e-commerce sites.Tampa-based make-up artist Holly Whitis told ABC Action News that because counterfeit productsa€™ ingredients are unknown, a€?[they] could break you out.
MAC cosmetic imitations, in particular, are finding themselves on eBay and Amazon, the news station reported. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Tabby asked if there was a particular part of my make up that I would like help with - I said my eyes as I have quite hooded lids and small, down-turned eyes which I would like to appear bigger and brighter. Tabby started by taking off my existing make up using MAC wipes and Cleanse Off Oil, she then used the Complete Comfort Cream as a moisturiser which is good for sensitive skin, and then added a layer of Prep & Prime using the 130 brush in circular motions. I had told Tabby that my skin was dry in patches, gets shiny throughout the day and is prone to spots. She then used the 209 brush, which is actually a very fine-tipped eyeliner brush, to apply my concealer - Select Moisture Cover in NC20. Using a 187 brush she put a fine dusting of Mineralize powder in Medium all over my face to set the foundation and make it a little less glowy, making sure to leave out the cheek area as she felt that its nice to have that part a little 'glisteny'. Tabby used a 116 blush brush to pick up some Give Me Sun bronzer, which I really liked as it a flat colour, similar to Hoola by Benefit. For the blush, we used Sunbasque which is a terracotta toned colour - I'd say it was in the same family as Stereo Rose which is what I use most often (and guess what? Once the face was done, I was sprayed with Fix+, which is another MAC product I love, for setting my make up. The next part was slightly tricker - I was a bit scared to do my side, but it turned out fine! We then used Technakohl eyeliner in Brown Border in the lower corners of my eyes, at the bottom, then went over the top of the line with a small amount of Handwritten on a 219 brush.
I was given a sample of Prep+Prime and I spent my £50 on 2 eyeshadows - All That Glitters, and Mulch, a 239 brush and a Select Cover-Up concealer.
I tried taking a pic on my phone quite soon after but was quite conscious of the passers-by thinking I was taking photos of myself! I did have an evening out after this and received lots of compliments on how I looked, one man on the bus asked if I was on my way to a film premier! I wanted to get these out to you so you could use them to create and document all of your pretty makeup looks for yourself.
If you click on the individual face chart, you should get a full sized image you can print out.

There is another face chart that mac has where the face isnt so boney do you have a link or a website to go to for that chart.
You can try the office section of stores like Target, but specialty stores like Office Max will carry card stock paper. We discussed what kind of colours I liked, and which brushes I already had at home so she could try to work with those so I could recreate the look on my own.
I was after a foundation that didn't look too cakey but had enough coverage for my skin, which is red in places and has old scars (I sound such a treat, don't I!?). She used the very tip of the brush to dot the concealer on to any blemishes, then used the 224 fluffy brush to smooth out the edges. When I had seen just the founation with concealer I have to admit I was a little scared, wondering if Tabby had 'got' me - it just didn't look very nice and loads lighter than I would normally wear. Tabby showed me to pack the shadow on to both sides of the brush - using one side do one side of your eye, then using the other side of the brush do the other side of your eye - this is for maximum colour and coverage. A great tip that Tabby told me, is that when you do your eyes, tilt your head up slightly - this helps you to see the definition in your crease and whole eye shape and will make things easier to apply, especially when contouring. We also put a bit of All That Glitters under the eye before the darker part, so it didn't look too stark. She used a 208 angled brow brush to do my eyeliner, with Bootblack liquid liner, which I wish I had purchased now, as it's just so black and lovely! I also realise I look like I have a spam-head in this pic, but it's the best one I got, trying to do it inconspicuously!
I took this pics once I got in - the foundation has gone a bit shiny, but the eyes are still looking good - I  love how she lined them!
Tabby made me feel comfortable the whole time and I wasn't made to feel stupid for asking questions. Often makeup artists use face charts so that multiple artists can have a reference to one look, for events like fashion shows.
If you opt for that route, you might want to opt to avoid using cream products or anything that doesn’t dry on them, and possibly save them with some sort of protector over them, such as plastic or parchment paper when storing them to avoid transferring product onto other papers or objects.
Department of Homeland Security is investigating major counterfeit make-up manufacturing rings to try and shut down the issue from its root.
She picked out Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25 which is medium-full coverage and buildable but with a satin finish. She showed me the area below my cheekbone and applied the bronzer in the corner near my ear.

Once we had got to this point, I was far more pleased - it had all come together perfectly.
This took out any pigmentation from the eye, helps the eyeshadow to be its true colour, and helps it to last longer where it's meant to be! Using the tip of the brush we put Cork eyeshadow into the corner of my crease, and down into the 'V' of my eye, then blended it using the 224 brush. Lifting my lid slightly from above, she started at the outside of my eye, going in in small lines. I think next time I know I want to have a big MAC spree, I will pre-book one of these, it was really interesting.
I booked mine in with Tabby at the Kensington Church Street branch, who I would definitely recommend. This was applied using the same 130 brush, but what I was really surprised at was how little product was actually on the brush.
We drew a line of this right down the middle of each eyelid, then used the 224 fluffy brush to very gently buff away the edges of the line.
Tabby stippled on a small amount, then wiped off the excess before using small circular motions on my face to apply the foundation. We also added a little of it to the inner corners of my eyes, near the tear duct, to open them up more.
For a little more oomph we brought in another shade - using the same technique as with Cork, we applied Handwritten in the crease but not so far over. She then drew a flick by looking where my eye naturally goes upwards, drawing a small dot, then joining that dot to the rest of the eyeliner. The flick looked rather long for me, but using a 212 flat defining brush and Fix+, she got rid of a lot of the eyeliner on the flick to make it much more defined, thinner and flickier!
We finished off the eyes with the Wonderwoman Haught + Naughty in zig-zag movements, which to be honest I wasn't overly impressed with - it didn't make my eyelashes as fat as I normally like! To clean up any smudges Tabby used a dry make-up sponge which is another fab tip I picked up!

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