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Here's a ridiculously quick tutorial on how to make a web page using just Windows Notepad (or any old text editor for that matter). In fact (*chuckle*) we didn't even use any HTML in that tutorial which you will need if you want to create web pages that contain more than just plain unformatted text. Now just to keep organized, use the Create New Folder option to create a new folder called 'Homepage'. Your web browser should now display a blank white web page with the words 'HELLO WORLD!' on it. You’re probably thinking that in order to build an internet web page, you have to be some kind of computer genius. On your desktop, move your mouse to a space that is not occupied by one of the graphic symbols (i.e. Now that you’ve created an official internet web page, you want to add some things to it by editing your internet web page.
To see your internet web page on the internet, all you have to do is open your internet web page using this internet window. Since your internet web page is complete, all that remains is that you share this internet web page with your friends. The only problem now is that your friends don’t have the internet web page and the picture of your three rabbits on their desktop. There are so many more things you can learn about internet web page creation, but I can only include so much of them here. This post was written exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Louis Lazaris, a freelance writer and web developer. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! You might close WebDev Tools (F12) and browser’s JavaScript will still run this function. Otherwise, you might remove all in-browser console scripting by just reloading a web page – F5.

Be aware, though, that this code has created a global (application) JS variable called scroll.
Nor is your web page actually online for all to see but rather it just exists on your own computer.
The Save As dialog will pop up and should by default open to the root directory of drive C: If not then navigate there using the 'Up One Level' button.
After this, in the File name text box, type in "mypage.htm" with the double quotation marks and then click on Save. You probably think you have to go to college for at least one year to learn to make internet web pages. But there is an easy way for you to make your internet web page look fancy without learning anything about the hard computer programming stuff. Now, since you’ve introduced your pet rabbits inside your internet web page, you also want to include an actual picture of your pet rabbits.
Of course, you want to update the internet web page in the internet window so you can see the changes. While the most important tasks are described above, there are some other things you can do to improve any future internet web pages you make. You will find many options these days for making a website which don't require you to know this basic information. Have used teh code to create a bookmarklet which when I click will continuously scroll to bottom of page. In order to turn this file into an internet web page, you need to change the last three letters of the file name, and also give it your own custom name.
All you have to know is that now that you’ve put that line inside your internet web page, your rabbits will appear for everyone to see. But if you want to build a career in web page design, knowing the basics is essential for mastering your chosen skill-set.To start this quick lesson there are a few things you will need on your computer.
As you allude to in post, the scroll goes on forever such that you can’t scroll back up the page. After you attach these two files, you can add an extra note in your email to tell your friends what to do with the attached files.

Any ideas on how to get code to stop running once it has reached the absolute bottom of the page? If you've never created a webpage before or just don't remember how it was done from your computer classes, then this tutorial is for you.Notepad++     This is a text editor that we will be using to write our code for your html webpages. There are many other text editor software available like Sublime Text, Notepad, Textpad and others which you may already have on your computer. Notepad is just my preference and will be used for this quick tutorial.Google Chrome     This can be any internet browser, like the one you are using now. That computer is called a server.In the same way when you turn on your computer is loads your desktop, the web server must load a default file or folder in order for the general public to access your website.
There are many different types of tags that will be listed in another tutorial but for this short tutorial I will show you how to make a web page with the most important tags.Inside the two tags html tags we will place another set of tags called head tags. You document should look like this:writing html code in notepad++That's it!You've created your first simple html page.
We have lots more to cover including, styling and css, working with div's, working with images and lots more.Remember this web page you have created is not yet hosted on a web server so for now it will only be available on your computer. To establish your web page on the internet you will need to have it hosted by a web server and we will deal with that in another tutorial.This is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to build websites. There are many options for building websites these days and many of them mean that you don't have to know how to do these steps from scratch.
Problems can always occur with any website and its important to know what to do and what to look for.
You can only do that if you know the basics.Our tutorial section is a new offering from our website and we want to hear from you.

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