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Provide an equivalent experience for those with hearing, visual, motor function and cognitive impairments. In my last blog post, I demonstrated how you could use dynamically targeted actions in Lectora to show the same content in different ways depending on the needs of the user, and discussed some of the most important items to keep in mind, reading order, layering, avoiding showing content over time, etc. This means for pages, graphics, navigation, charts, graphs, etc. Make it conversational, how would you describe this item to someone who cannot see it? This is important, don’t put instruction text in rollovers, graphics or Flash* without an equivalent descriptive text using the Lectora text tool. Do not use Click and Show, Table of Contents, Hot Spots, Drag and Drops, or any other feature you cannot accomplish with a keyboard alone.

While dealing with the requirements of section 508 can add to development time, it should not keep you from providing a rich experience for all users. Screen readers such as JAWS, read only text boxes and ALT tags, and anything that changes content after the initial page load can make the reader start over from the beginning. Of course you can use the variable method to provide an equivalent content for users of screen readers or other assistive devices. Remember, 508 covers a wide range of issues, and anyone at any time may find themselves in need of the extra accessibility it provides.
What are the aspects you need to consider for creating instructionally rich eLearning courses?

If you need a longer description, you can use a hidden text box, (white type on a white background, for instance), which a screen reader will read, but will be undetected by sighted users. Here are 5 very important points that you need to focus on to produce excellent online courses.

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